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the college recruiting process sucksThe recruiting process would be easy and simple if a college coach saw student athletes play and after the game offered him/her a scholarship.

In the recruiting world that would be the ultimate perfect scenario.

Unfortunately, the recruiting process does not work that way. If it did, the focus would swing back to the real value of high school games when in reality the real value is in club ball when it comes to getting exposure.

Make no mistake about it, the college recruiting process sucks!

The recruiting process sucks because most parents do not want to educate themselves on college recruiting strategies that can help them significantly in networking with college programs.

Why not build a network of college programs now instead of when the student athlete is about to enter their senior year of high school?

Building a network of college programs is the smart thing to do even if you don’t know anything else about recruiting. If you focus on one strategy of networking and building a network of college programs you could still achieve a certain level of success.

Let’s assume you’re one of those parents who know very little about recruiting but you know you need to do more to help your son or daughter. The problem is many parents who don’t know a lot about recruiting would actually sit back and do nothing and that’s a big mistake. Now some parents would make an attempt maybe by sending a few emails, writing a few letters, or dropping a few DVD’s in the mail. That’s an attempt at recruiting and you may be surprised at the results you may get. They may be limited, but you will get some kind of results.

Now some parents would actually use some of those recruiting strategies and probably a few more but in reality, the actual strategy behind the strategy of recruiting is you wouldn’t just randomly mail a bunch of unsolicited DVD’s to college coaches.

Many parents believe, “If I can get a college coach to see my kid play on DVD, they’re going to like what they see.” Now in theory this may seem like a sensible approach, but in reality every other parent is thinking the same thing about the DVD and are bombarding college coaches with DVD’s.

Parents, student athletes and maybe some high school coaches should take one college recruiting strategy and write it out on paper exactly how you should start that strategy, think about some of the problems that may occur along the way, and the adjustments you need to make using that particular recruiting strategy. Reviewing your recruiting strategy that you’ve written down from beginning to end, listing several of the details of that strategy and how they can all work towards networking with college coaches.

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