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When it comes to the recruiting process I’m extremely passionate about it. That passion I have for recruiting is like oxygen, you can’t live without it that’s how I feel about the recruiting process.

Lack of education about recruiting is one of the reasons for college recruiting failure on the part of high school student-athletes and the parents who influence student athletes decisions about recruiting sometimes.

Beginning the process as soon as possible is critical, delay this process in some cases by mere days, weeks or months could destroy your chances of going to college.

Sadly and I’ve seen this happen thousand times many parents of student-athletes believe,  “I have all the time in the world because it’s not senior year yet.”

Some parents think recruiting is like shopping for groceries, you can buy some of what you want now and get the rest of your groceries later.

When it comes to the recruiting process there may not come a later time.

Shopping for college coaches is not like shopping for groceries or buying a car or maybe a house, those decisions you can take your time on because, they’re always will be groceries to buy, there always will be houses and cars to buy they’re not going anywhere but when it comes to recruiting you don’t have that kind of luxury whatsoever.

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