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It’s Basically Someone’s Opinion About The Recruiting Process

There are no rule books or step by step guidelines that will tell you the mandated facts about the college recruiting process.

The recruiting process is basically someone’s opinion about how student athletes should get recruited for college.

Everyone who has a hand in the future of a high school student athlete will have their own opinions about how the student athlete should go about the recruiting process.

Because there are so many different points of view it will be confusing. For example, how many different ways are there when dealing with the DVD?

There are some people who say the student athlete’s DVD should be made up entirely of highlights.

While others will say the DVD should be of entire game action. Then there are some who cannot commit either way on the proper production of a DVD and would suggest having highlights and full game action.

Now that’s just a brief example of an important aspect of recruiting. By dealing with the DVD process you could get three different points of view.

It is the same when it comes to every single detail of the college recruiting process; everyone will have their own opinion and point of view on how to deal with every aspect of recruiting.

With so much conflicting information, it’s easy to understand how many first-time parents and student athletes dealing with the recruiting process can become confused and frustrated.

The recruiting process is like answering 100 questions on a final exam where there is no right or wrong answer.

Whatever answer you circle on the test, there still could be two or three other choices about recruiting that you could pick and you would not be wrong.

Recruiting is all about finding the proper approach to networking with a large number of college coaches.

When it comes to recruiting, it’s about finding out which approach the student athlete and their parents should take that would fit the student athlete’s playing and academic ability.

In recruiting, you’re going to have many different student athletes who will ultimately end up in college using many different approaches.

The college that student athlete ends up attending, there will be other student athletes who did not have the same approach toward recruiting. Basically, every student athlete is going to take a different path to get the college.

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