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Recruiting help is a common thought among high school student athletes and their parents.

It suggests that they are having a challenging time figuring out the extremely complicated process of recruiting.

The harsh realities of recruiting suggests that every student athlete is not going to division one. It even suggests that some student athletes may end up missing out on the entire recruiting process.

To avoid the harsh realities of asking for recruiting help, my suggestion would be to begin the recruiting process before entering high school.

By the middle school years, many student athletes have developed a certain level of passion and athletic ability.

I’m not suggesting that at this young age they are college eligible, but there are things you can do to prepare yourself for the long and challenging process of college recruiting.

Recruiting help is a common theme

1. Build a long list of college programs starting in your home state. Create a database of names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of every college program in your home state.

2. Gather the exact mailing address to the athletic department of the college coach you wish to write a letter to. Remember, every athletic program has a different mailing address so be sure to get the correct mailing address.

3. Do not make the mistake of bombarding college coaches with a bunch of unnecessary information about you. College programs are constantly receiving information from student athletes and high school coaches all the time. You want your information to be brief and to the point.

4. Academics play a huge role in gaining the attention of college coaches. Do not send information to college programs unless it includes all of your academic strengths.Include your grade point average and any standardized test scores you have earned and if you haven’t taken either one of the standardized tests, indicate that by telling them the date you will be taking the tests.

In my opinion, far too many student athletes and parents wait too long in pursuing all avenues of the college recruiting process, and when recruiting begins to turn sour or when all seems lost, parents and student athletes desperately look for college recruiting help believing a fast solution is right around the corner.”

Recruiting Help Is A Searchable Term

Many parents are searching online for recruiting help by the millions. These parents believe there is a magic bullet that will help cut through the confusion of the mind boggling college recruiting process.

There are no magic bullets and there’s absolutely no magic formula to accurately make the recruiting process work in your favor.

The bottom line in getting recruited for college is exposure. A student athlete’s name does not appear out of thin air into the hands of college coaches. Someone has to put their name into the coach’s hands along with consistent and updated information on that student athlete.

Recruiting Help Is Not Easily Found

The college recruiting process is an everyday process. Parents and student athletes should never forget that.

You can take as long as you want to decide to buy a car or even a house there’s no time limit on those decisions.

But the recruiting process is entirely different because from the time you enter your freshman year of high school on through to your senior year, there are only so many days left in recruiting. A day lost or wasted is a day that cannot be made up or replaced.

Every single day that is associated with the college recruiting process is extremely valuable and you cannot and should not waste those valuable days.

By the time a high school student athlete reaches their senior year several scenarios have generally played out.

1. You have found a college to continue your athletic career by your senior year of high school.

2. It is your senior year of high school and you still do not have a college home. What do you do now?

Recruiting Help

By the time you hit your senior year of high school you should have narrowed down the choices where you will play your sport.

Those student athletes who have not finalized where they will attend college enter into crisis mode.

This is where the parents and student athletes make stupid decisions, largely based on desperation, which are directly related to their procrastination in not taking the recruiting process and the valuable days in it seriously.

Stupid Decisions

1. Signing up with a recruiting service believing they can get you in college within a matter of moments or even hours. The recruiting process is not like microwavable popcorn, where it’s completed popped within a matter of minutes.

2. The mass mailing of DVD’s to a huge number of college coaches is really a stupid decision. College coaches will not look at your DVD because they don’t know you; you have not built a relationship with them, or they just don’t like you.

3. Spending large sums of money on the recruiting process believing that money will solve all of your recruiting issues. If all it took was money to make the recruiting process work in your favor, all the rich kids would be going to major college programs.

Note: Think of the recruiting process as an hourglass with four year’s supply of sand in it. When you turn it over the sand begins to flow to the other side filling up the opposite end very slowly.

Sadly, most of the athletes and parents will sit patiently watching the hourglass fill up day after day, watching as the recruiting process slowly slides away without taking any aggressive action.

When that hourglass is empty of the sand that means time is up and the recruiting process is over.

You cannot put the sand back into the hourglass to start the recruiting process all over again, it just doesn’t work that way.

Once the recruiting process time limit has run out and you’ve used up all of the days, then you’re totally screwed.

“Back in the day when I ran my college recruiting service (1989-2005,) come April and May I would be bombarded with phone calls from desperate parents wanting to get back in to my recruiting service and begging me to help. These were families, who months prior, told me they weren’t interested in my recruiting service and that everything was working out greatly for them. Finally, the recruiting process began to turn into a nightmare and the only person they knew they could call was me. Those parents expected me to make miracles happen by helping them get their son or daughter recruited for college in a matter of weeks.”

Recruiting Help Is Not Free

There are millions of high school student athletes all wanting to take their talents to the college level and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The problem with so many athletes trying to go to college is that there are some student athletes somewhere in the country, by no fault of their own, who will slip through the recruiting process cracks.

Part of the problem with the recruiting process is the number of college programs has remained the same, but the number of student athletes has grown in huge numbers just within the last 20 years.

Many parents are still stuck in the old rules and strategies of the recruiting process, where they believe it is the high school coach’s sole responsibility to assist student athletes with recruiting for free!

Another thing that is shocking to believe is that many parents are under the assumption that the recruiting process is free.

You have parents who invest thousands of dollars in travel club expenses believing that is the answer to the recruiting process, but will not invest money in a hardworking, dedicated and legitimate recruiting service!

The recruiting process is not free; it never has been free and it never will be free no matter what student athletes and parents believe.

Final Thoughts

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