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Recharge The Recruiting Process

Recharge The Recruiting Process
Recharge The Recruiting Process

There are a lot of student athletes who are in their senior year of high school and are finding it challenging to get college programs interested in them.

Some of the student athletes may have received a letter or phone call or two from a college program but not much else.

This could mean that your college recruiting strategy may be a little off and could use some recharging.  I thought I would come up with a list of some things you could do to improve the college recruiting process for you:


  1.  Start calling college coaches now.  If you’re in your senior year of high school and the recruiting process has slowed down, now’s the time to take a more aggressive approach.

There may be schools that contacted you by phone or letter and maybe email. I would take a hard core approach and call each and every one of those coaches.  Your goal is to see if they have an interest in you and if they don’t then move on.


  1.  If you’ve established yourself with college coaches and they know who you are then I would start emailing these coaches every day until you get a response from them to find out exactly what their intentions are.

If these college programs are interested in you, you can ask them how to move forward. If they’re not interested in you, you must move on.


  1.  The handwritten letter approach is a powerful and personal approach for student athletes.  Student athletes who are in their senior year should be writing a personal letter to college coaches. This could help recharge the college recruiting process.

A one page handwritten letter may not get lost in all of the other junk mail that college coaches receive each day.  If there’s a particular coach that you are writing to, of course address that letter directly to that coach.

In your letter get right to the point and ask that coach what their intentions are with you.  If they write you back with their answer then go forward from there. If there’s no interest then move on.

Final thoughts: Sometimes the college recruiting process can change for seniors.  College programs can be very interested in you but for some unknown reason, they change their minds.

I believe it’s important to have a long list of college programs to start the college recruiting process because anything can change.

If the college recruiting process has slowed down for high school seniors, you must move into attack mode and aggressively start contacting as many college programs in the remaining months and weeks as you can before you graduate from high school.

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