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Slow responses from college coaches can hurt student athlete’s chances of being recruited.

There are a multitude of reasons why college coaches, who has made an offer to a student athlete, will sometimes be slow in delivering the actual scholarship information.

Making a verbal commitment to a student athlete is one thing, but following through with an actual scholarship is a totally different process.

A college coach may have made many commitments to student athletes but may only have a certain number of actual scholarships to give in the first place.

For example, a college coach may only have three scholarships but has offered ten student athletes those scholarships.

The strategy is for that college coach to quickly fill those three scholarship spots.

If the commitments are quick, solid and true on behalf of student athletes then that coach has accomplished their goal.

The remaining seven student athletes will just be kicked to the curb having to quickly find other opportunities.

The worst thing in the world would be for a college coach to not fill those three scholarship spots.

A college coach may leave one coaching job for another and, if that’s the case, any offers he/she has made to student athletes are no longer any good.

College head coaches and assistant coaches are always on the move; situations change all the time sometimes from season to season.

It is the reality of college athletics and it is also the reality of recruiting.

This is where it becomes extremely complicated and very frustrating for parents and student athletes to understand.

Sometimes a college coach will make an offer to several student athletes but change their minds because there may be a particular student athlete that they really wanted in the first place and that student athlete has become available.

If that scenario happens then the student athletes who were offered the scholarship in the first place are now left with nothing.

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