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Basketball websites come and go; some have great intentions and some just plain suck. That’s the case of the basketball website Dunk Dog.

Dunk Dog’s idea was to write about middle school basketball student athletes by a traveling all over the country visiting various games and tournaments. Who cares what some seventh or eighth graders are doing? That’s the whole problem with their entire concept.

The mastermind behind this website is Spencer Pulliam who claims to be an expert on giving his opinion and analysis on student athletes when he has never even played at the college level or any level.

Spencer Pulliam should not be allowed to cover high school basketball

The Dunk Dog website is now out of business because basically, it was a bad idea from the start and now we hear that Spencer is working for the website How long will it be before he takes down and destroys that website? I’ll keep you posted on the goings-on of this former writer at Dunk Dog, Spencer Pulliam.

Basketball at any level is supposed to be competitive. There is a college called Ohio Valley College somewhere in West Virginia and they play at the division two level. This has to be the worst basketball program ever.

If you look at their record, this program has been horrible for all the years they’ve been at the division two level which has been since 2000.

Ohio Valley College basketball should be abolished

This program is so bad; they have never won more than 10 games in a single season. Why even play at the division two level and why even have a basketball program if you’re not even trying to win games?

Ohio Valley College consistently loses 20 games a season. There must be some desperate, and I mean downright ridiculously desperate, high school student athletes who want to play basketball for this program.

Ohio Valley College should go back to the division three level or just end the basketball program altogether and stop embarrassing the game.

Hate and more hate is the sentiment towards AAU basketball and I understand why. AAU basketball makes money.

Big time shoe companies give hundreds of thousands of dollars to AAU club teams. Former AAU players who may now play in the NBA help fund their former club teams with money and they don’t have to disclose how much they gave.

Any time money is involved with club basketball, student athletes and those club coaches, there is always going to be a heightened level of hate.

AAU basketball is now the dominant force in all basketball

Keep in mind that every high school sport has a club team, but those club sports do not receive the same level of discontent as AAU basketball.

Playing on a club team, gives the student athletes an opportunity to be exposed to a huge number of college coaches that would not normally see them play during the high school basketball season.

Many high school basketball coaches have a deep discontent for AAU basketball coaches because they feel that club coaches are inexperienced and all ruining the kids.

Who cares what high school coaches think because they’re making high school coaches at the basketball level obsolete?

Maybe if those state associations change some of the outdated rules and allow high school coaches to coach their players during the summer, then maybe they would not have such a deep hatred for AAU basketball.

Spencer Pulliam AAU Basketball Ohio Valley College

There are hundreds of websites just like Dunk Dog that write exclusively on what basketball student athletes are doing. These websites offer up their expert analysis on student athletes. The problem is that most of these websites have no credentials or background to critique student athletes or were never a student athlete themselves.

Sadly but true, there are hundreds of colleges similar to Ohio Valley College who have no desire to produce a quality basketball program.

I wouldn’t think that a college at the division two level, such as OhioValleyCollege, would be so horrible for so long. I would have to believe there is financial issues there at this college because it is almost impossible to believe that any college program could be this terrible for almost 20 years.

High school basketball is slowly losing its relevance with the emerging power of AAU basketball. Soon, high school basketball would just be somewhere student athletes go to develop their basketball talents. AAU basketball will be a place where student athletes can showcase their basketball talents for the world to see.

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