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Reace Kinley is an outstanding up and coming basketball player. This young man right now has the ability to take his talents to the next level.

Reace Kinley placed at point guard position and has incredible ball handling skills, he can help a ball equally with his left or right hand, there’s no weakness in his ball skills.

Reace Kinley has incredible court awareness, meaning he can hit the open man with pinpoint precision.

The point guard position is the leader of the basketball court; he is also an extension of the coach.

It appears that Reace Kinley has all of the major qualities any college program would be looking for in a point guard.

One of the best parts of the Reace Kinley overall game is his outside shot. This young man has incredible range and can hit shots from anywhere on the basketball court.

If you closely watch this video you can see his perfect form on every jump shot, there is no wasted motion.

Reace Kinley can shoot it anywhere on the basketball court. From viewing his video it is one of the stronger points of his entire basketball game.

I would think just about any college program at the major college level or any college level needs great shooters.

Reace Kinley: An Incredible Pure Shooter

Outside of his outstanding basketball talents that will surely translate to the college level, Reace Kinley is an outstanding student who has maintained a 3.6 grade point average.

To even be considered to play basketball at the college level you have to have outstanding grades. Not only can this young man play the game of basketball, he is also dedicated to his academics.

Reace Kinley is 6’2 170lbs. And clearly from watching this video it is easy to see that he is the best basketball player on the court.

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