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Reace Kinley has a passion for the game of basketball and it is obvious in this video. This young man is consistently working on his game to get better, that’s also obvious from his summer league action. Take a close look at the video and you’ll see that Reace Kinley is the best basketball player on the court.

Reace Kinley clearly has an offensive mindset; he can drive the ball to the basket and finish with either hand. Even though he is right-handed, he can score the basketball with his left hand. In addition to all of that, he has outstanding ball handling skills, he can equally dribble the ball with his strong hand, which is the right hand, and left hand as well.

Reace Kinley plays point guard position and would probably be an outstanding point guard at the college level because of his ability to dribble, his ability to hit the open man with pinpoint precision on his passes and he has incredible range on his jump shot.

Reace Kinley Is A Basketball Gym Rat

Reace Kinley is 6’2, a good size to play the point guard at the college level. Just looking at the video you can tell that Reace Kinley is more than just a hard worker on the basketball court, he looks like someone who is dedicated to the game of basketball and improving his game every day.

Take a serious look at the video highlights of Reace Kinley. Yes, this gives you a glimpse into this young man’s basketball ability but I’m sure if you saw this young man play in person, college programs would heavily recruit Reace Kinley.

I believe Reace Kinley has the ability to play at the small division one level. Keep in mind, this young man can shoot the basketball from anywhere on the floor with incredible range.

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