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Reace Kinley is a basketball talent that must not be overlooked. These video highlights are from Reace Kinley’s sophomore season. As you look closely at the video highlights you can see huge potential.

Look closely at Reace’s ability to hit jump shots from anywhere on the basketball court and from incredible distances. Reace Kinley is listed at 6’2, 160lbs in this video and plays the two guard position but I think with more experience he could be a point guard at the college level.

What’s so amazing about this young man’s basketball abilities is that he does not need a whole lot of space to get off a great shot.

Give him an inch and Reace Kinley will take the shot without hesitation, but if you play him extremely close defensively he has the ability to go right past you and finish strong to the basket.

At the 54 sec mark in this video you will clearly see evidence of Reace catching the ball beyond the 3 point line, making a decision whether to pass the ball, shoot the ball or take it to the basket strong.

His decision on this play was to drive the ball to the right, take it up strong in traffic and he scored.

Reace Kinley is a basketball recruit that should not be overlooked

As a sophomore basketball player, it would seem that this young man has the ability to pass the ball, shoot the ball from anywhere on the court and the ability to drive to the basket through traffic without hesitation and score.

That kind of basketball ability is something you would find in a basketball student athlete who was a senior and has developed their ability by their senior year.

It is clear Reace Kinley has the makings of an outstanding basketball talent by just looking at these video highlights of his sophomore season.

As you closely watch this video multiple times, it is obvious that Reace is competing against outstanding competition and it would seem that he plays his best against the best.

The point I’m trying to make is that I believe if this young man is exposed to outstanding talent his level of play will get better, he will improve and he will play strong to the competition.

I believe we are witnessing the development of Reace Kinley as a basketball player and, from one year to the next, his ability has improved and will continue to do so. I believe by his senior year of high school basketball he will attract college programs from around the country.

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