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The College Recruiting Process

Learn how Woods Recruiting can assist you step by step through the college recruiting process.

Monitor Correct Monitor

Monitor Correct Monitor Say Yes To Woods Recruiting Think of yourself as a military general training your troops in the important art of hand-to-hand combat and survival. Do you want to have your people trying to figure out how to fight while they’re on the...

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Life Of A College Scout

Life Of A College Scout Say Yes To Woods Recruiting It is the life that the outsiders see and want until they pull back the curtain and realize there’s a large puzzle behind it all. The life of a college scout. This is what everyone wants to be because of the...

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Most Powerful Questions

Most Powerful Questions Say Yes To Woods Recruiting The most powerful way to get the parents to respond is through the process of asking questions. College scouts who are inexperienced spend entirely too much time talking. Scouts are talking about their recruiting...

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What’s Your Why

What’s Your Why Say Yes To Woods Recruiting Is it the money? Because that’s going to get spent and gone fast. Is it your passion? That will last a lifetime because you can’t put money on that. What’s your ‘Why’ for wanting to be a college...

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I’ll Get Back To You

I’ll Get Back To You Say Yes To Woods Recruiting The parents listen tentatively to your presentation, maybe with some skepticism, maybe not. You have prepared what you’re going to say in detail. Throughout the presentation, which has been engaging,...

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Dustin McSorley

Dustin McSorley: Height 6’, Weight 160 lbs. High School: Freedom, Freedom, WI. Class: 2021  GPA 3.68 Recruiting Intangibles: Coachable He’s a student of the game Loves football Has attended many camps and showcases Outstanding student with 3.69 GPA This young man is a...

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The Problem With Baseball Recruiting

The Problem With Baseball Recruiting Say Yes To Woods Recruiting What is unseen counts for nothing. As you already know, exposure is a critical component in baseball recruiting. If they don’t know about you they can’t recruit you. The problem with baseball...

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AAU Basketball Recruiting Problems

AAU Basketball Recruiting Problems Say Yes To Woods Recruiting You are a needle in a haystack when it comes to basketball recruiting. Have you ever noticed when you’re playing AAU basketball at tournaments, how many thousands of players are there?  All of those...

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You Screwed Up The Recruiting Process

You Screwed Up The Recruiting Process Say Yes To Woods Recruiting Have you ever been to the airport waiting to catch a flight and at the last moment it pops up on one of those little TV monitors saying your flight has been delayed? You feel pissed off and a little...

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Procrastination Will Kill You

Procrastination Will Kill You Say Yes To Woods Recruiting I have had a million and one conversations with parents of high school student-athletes. In all my years of running a college recruiting service, a huge percentage of parents want to wait on the recruiting...

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The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites

The Recruiting Process Plays No Favorites Say Yes To Woods Recruiting The college recruiting process does not care who you are. The college recruiting process plays no favorites. The college recruiting process does not care where you live. The college recruiting...

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Recruiting Is A Trap

Recruiting Is A Trap The focus should be to maintain superior grades and athletic ability. The recruiting process is a trap. Sometimes student-athletes and their parents are led to believe they are better than what they are. They are tricked into believing they should...

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It’s All About The Information

It's All About The Information Failure is not an option! How many times have we heard that cliché in movies? Failure is common among college scouts and recruiting services. The reason, in my opinion, is mainly due to lack of information. You’re only as good as...

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When To Start The Recruiting Process

When To Start The Recruiting Process Recruiting is hard. The process is long and sometimes confusing. The debate has always been, when should a student-athlete begin the recruiting process? There’s no correct answer when it should begin. The process is based...

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Recharge The Recruiting Process

Recharge The Recruiting Process There are a lot of student athletes who are in their senior year of high school and are finding it challenging to get college programs interested in them. Some of the student athletes may have received a letter or phone call or two from...

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Information Overload Of Recruiting

Information Overload Of Recruiting It is information overload that causes a lot of confusion with parents who are dealing with the college recruiting process, either for the first time or it’s their second go around. I want to give you my thoughts and opinions on some...

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Rhett Jackson

Rhett Jackson: Height 6’2, Weight 185 High School: St. John Lutheran. Ocala, FL Class: 2018  GPA 4.0  SAT 1060 Recruiting Intangibles Extremely intense Hard worker High academic standards High basketball IQ Dedicated to the sport Team leader Coachable Recruitable...

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