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The College Recruiting Process

Learn how Woods Recruiting can assist you step by step through the college recruiting process.

How To Handle Objections

How To Handle Objections Your ego is crushed, your pride is destroyed, the parent told you over and over again they’re not interested or maybe they said no thank you.  It could be something as simple as “Don’t call us, we’ll call you if...

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The Broken Star

The Broken Star The Broken Star is a story about one student-athlete who was unable to fulfill his dream of playing college basketball.  I ran into this man many years later and I was shocked and saddened to hear his story.  I want to share this story because many of...

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Should Standardized Tests Be Eliminated

Should Standardized Tests Be Eliminated? Once upon a time, standardized tests were necessary. Now, I believe these types of tests are outdated and the system is broken.  Only the privileged who live in the affluent suburbs are benefiting greatly from these tests....

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The Idea Behind The 100 Day Challenge

The Idea Behind The 100 Day Challenge This is not another lecture about goal-setting. I believe it’s all a waste of time and a bunch of crap.  Most people never follow through with their goals anyway.  They may write them down on paper, lazily looking at them...

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I’m A Teacher

I’m A Teacher I’m a teacher of college scouts, showing them how achieve long lasting success and to make money. My role is to work with recruiting services and college scouts. I used to be one of you!  In August 1989 I started my own college recruiting service...

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Why Scouts Matter

Why Scouts Matter They’re overlooked for a reason. They’re underexposed for a reason. Student-athletes have struggled with the recruiting process for a long time. Some have ended up not going to college, others have gone to college programs beneath their...

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Motivation Is Critical

Motivation Is Critical You have to keep yourself upbeat, inspired, and filled with enthusiasm in your role as a college scout. This is critical.  You’re going to be met with various challenges, run into obstacles, and be hit by one brick wall after another....

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Motivate Parents To Buy!

Motivate Parents To Buy! They’re not Googling your name. Your name is not on the tip of their tongues. You’re irrelevant from their viewpoint and insignificant. They ignore your conversation on social media with nothing more than a casual glance. No...

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When Hit With Rejection

When Hit With Rejection I’m not interested. No thank you. No, Leave us alone. Don’t call us we’ll call you.  You’re going to be hit with so much rejection words you’ll begin to think it’s your first name. Rejection hurts. It will...

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Something About The Parents

Something About The Parents The parents know absolutely nothing about the recruiting process. What very little they do know they got it from another parent who also knows nothing about it. Confusion is running rampant with the back and forth conversations with parents...

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