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Procrastination Will Kill You

Procrastination Will Kill You

Procrastination Will Kill You

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

I have had a million and one conversations with parents of high school student-athletes.

In all my years of running a college recruiting service, a huge percentage of parents want to wait on the recruiting process.

When they say that to me I’m already thinking they are doomed for failure.

College coaches are identifying student-athletes in their 10th and 11th grade year of high school.

They’re not identifying who these kids are in senior year because they don’t care about high school seniors and because the recruiting process requires a lengthy evaluation process.

The critical evaluation process of student-athletes could be a year or two prior to senior year.

Parents not understanding this process fully are making critical mistakes and wasting valuable time believing a college coach will find their son or daughter just because.

It takes more than one day to buy a house. Those who are interested in buying a home will certainly look at many different houses before they select the right one.

You’re going to do your due diligence when it comes to purchasing a home. You’re just not going to buy the home on first glance.

You must find the right price for the house that you’re interested in buying. It has to be in the right neighborhood with the right schools and shopping, and the community has to be the right community for you and your family to live in.

You have to do all of those things in the process of purchasing a home because it is a valuable and very serious investment.

That is the same approach that college coaches have towards recruiting student-athletes.

The process could take a year or two or even longer.

College coaches are not going to sign a student-athlete without proper evaluation and careful due diligence.

Please understand that the recruiting process is all about getting the student-athlete’s name into the hands of as many college programs as possible. Not just one or two!

Far too many parents delay this process and, for the life of me, I have never been able to understand why.

Procrastination in the recruiting process is certain death.

I’ve seen it happen far too many times where student-athletes who are talented, but have delayed this process end up being under-recruited or not recruited at all.

This is not a game you want to play around with if you want your student-athlete to play their sport in college!

My advice to parents of student-athletes is to seek out college recruiting help as soon as possible.

In the recruiting process procrastination is a disease.

Those student-athletes who are not in the 1% category have taken full advantage of the college recruiting process in the earliest possible way without delay or procrastination.

College recruiting procrastination is a sickness and there is no treatment for it.

It is slow motion, it is no motion, it is no action, that parents are taking. That is how I can best describe the destruction parents are about to face in the recruiting process.

Bottom line, you are not going to get recruited for college by sitting back on the sidelines and doing nothing.

My strongest advice would be to seek out Woods Recruiting and to utilize our valuable knowledge and resources.

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