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I run a college recruiting service and our only job is to help student athletes get recruited and placed in college, and in that process educate their parents on the recruiting process. All we care about is the well-being of high school student-athletes.

Oftentimes parents delay signing up with a recruiting service because they want to see what they can get for free!

When all of their free coupons have been used up and desperation sets in, that’s when parents decide they need to take action and sign up with Woods Recruiting.

The video illustrates how parents will sit back and burn up nearly a hundred days in the recruiting process, one third of the year has practically wasted, nearly the entire school year has been wasted before parents decide they better take college recruiting serious, and seek out Woods Recruiting.

Far too many student-athletes have had the life sucked out of them when it came to their parents procrastinating in the recruiting process.

We are here to help you, not to mess you up!

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