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Our price point is under $1,000 for a reason. Our goal at Woods Recruiting is to work with every high school student athlete in the country.

There are no hidden charges or fees at Woods Recruiting. Our fee is a one-time fee with no hidden or added charges whatsoever. 

Many recruiting services are only interested in money first and people last.

Our price point is less than $1,000.00 because we understand the anxiety associated with the college recruiting process. 

We do not believe that parents of student athletes need to take out a second mortgage to pay for college recruiting. 

Many recruiting services charge anywhere between $1,500.00 and as high as $5,000.00 for their services.

We believe that is totally ridiculous and unacceptable.

Our job at Woods Recruiting is to work with all student athletes who have the ability to play at the college level. 

Price is an issue and many families just cannot afford to pay over $1,000 for college recruiting help and they should not have to. 

We do understand that this is a business and we are in business to earn a profit, but what is the ultimate mission?

The ultimate goal and mission of Woods Recruiting is to be there for every high school student athlete and not make it about money.

Our price point is under $1,000 for a reason. We want to put our scouts in a position to sign up multiple student athletes per week.

Those recruiting services that charge outrageous fees, many of their scouts are unsuccessful in signing up any new student athletes.

Because of the extremely high price points many scouts and other recruiting services become frustrated with the lack of success.

Many scouts at other recruiting services leave the business altogether because of their frustration with high price points and the focus of money first and nothing much to offer afterwards.

At Woods Recruiting, we are in the business of helping high school student athletes from all different sports achieve their dreams of playing in college, no matter what. 

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