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There’s so many student-athletes who screw up the college recruiting process.  often the process is ruined because of procrastination. 

Student athletes sometime believe they are being recruited but really they’re not. A college coach may come and watch you play. A college coach may offer you a compliment. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being recruited if a college coach shows interest in you. Keep in mind that college coach is also saying the same exact things to other student-athletes.

Recruiting is a funny business. One minute college coaches love you and one minutes later they could be completely against you.

The best advice I have, is for student-athletes to beginning the recruiting process as early as their sophomore year or junior year of high school. Unfortunately by your senior year of high school it could be too late.

The college recruiting process is so valuable and the time you have is critical. Unfortunately many parents of high school student-athletes  have decided to waste  critical recruiting time.  

Sometimes parents decisions are influenced by high school or club coaches. Believing that these experts will handle all aspects of the college recruiting process for them.  The bottom line the recruiting process should be handled by someone who has the time and who has worked with thousands of student-athletes in the past.

Some of the wiser parents of student-athletes realize that you only get one chance to go from high school athlete to college athlete, and have decided to seek out trained professionals who are experienced in all aspects of recruiting.

If a train had fell on you more than likely you would be crushed to death but somehow you survived, a trained professional would come and get that train off of you. It would be impossible for you to move that train yourself. The point is hire a trained professional.  Go With Woods Recruiting Today.

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