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Parents Every Day You Have A Choice

Every day in the college recruiting process you actually have a choice.

You have a choice to sit back and do nothing and wait for the college recruiting process to come to you.

You have a choice of taking a proactive approach in the recruiting process utilizing all the resources that are at your disposal.

You have a choice and if you choose incorrectly, it could be devastating to your son’s or daughter’s athletic future.

the-parentsI speak to college coaches on a daily basis.

They have consistently told me that they like to identify who the student athletes are prior to their senior year of high school.

The reason for this long evaluation process is to compare student athletes to others they wish to recruit.

They’re also evaluating behaviors and checking out academics.

The evaluation process is a long process, but if you only give a college coach three, maybe four months to evaluate you during your senior year it is just not enough time.

Many parents of student athletes are uninformed about this process.

I’m here to tell you that if you delay the recruiting process until midway through their student athlete’s senior year you are going to destroy their chances of going to college.

This blog post and all the other blog posts that you will read are about getting you to signed up with Woods Recruiting and to stop delaying this process.

We’ve seen so many parents ruin their son’s and daughter’s athletic careers because they want to waste time on useless strategies.

We want you to take action with us. We want to work with you. We are experienced, we know what we’re doing, and we’ve done it many times before.

It brings us great joy and happiness when we are able to assist a student athlete by getting them recruited and placed in college.

We have done this what seems like a million times, placing student athletes in college.

The process is a confusing process in the eyes of many parents, so please do not try to figure it out because you’re only going to frustrate yourself.

You’re signing up with Woods Recruiting because we’re going to get the job done so you don’t have to worry.

more-parentsWe’re going to get your son’s and daughter’s name into the hands of as many college programs as possible.

Every day you have a choice and that choice is to do nothing when it comes to recruiting or choose to let us help you.

Why would you ever want to run the risk of something that is so delicate that is the recruiting process and leave it up to your judgement when you are not a trained professional?

Recruiting is so fragile and is limited by time.  Once you have burned up all the time you have available in recruiting you cannot go back and get more time or start over.

When you sign up with Woods Recruiting, you will not be the first student athlete we’ve ever worked with. We’ve worked with thousands of student athletes and we clearly understand the process of recruiting.¬†Trust us!


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