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Overpriced Recruiting Services Are A Big Disgrace

There are thousands of overpriced recruiting services who don’t know what they’re doing but want to charge thousands of dollars to prove to you they don’t know what they’re doing.

In this episode of the Woods Recruiting podcast, I will talk about overpriced recruiting services.

There are thousands of recruiting services that exist across the country. Many of them charge thousands of dollars to help student athletes get recruited and placed in college. A lot of these recruiting services do not know what they’re doing.

A lot of these recruiting services are run by individuals who have never played in college.

Some of these so-called leaders were never even recruited but claim to be experts wanting to lay claim to how smart they are while trying to charge you overpriced fees.

There is a lot of animosity towards recruiting services and one of the reasons is because of their ridiculous price points.

There are recruiting services that charge $2,000 and sometimes even $3,000. Who can afford that?

The answer is, not many can afford those prices.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not against running a business and making money and trying to turn a profit.

Woods Recruiting is a recruiting service and we charge for our services, but I can guarantee you one thing, our prices are extremely affordable because we want to work with every student athlete in the country and not make it about price.

Did you know there are thousands of student athletes who go unrecognized by college programs every year?

Many student athletes end up not going to college because they were overlooked by college programs.

A huge number of the student athletes were approached by recruiting services, but when quoted the price for college recruiting help many parents were turned off by that quoted price, totally turned off by the recruiting process, and sick to their stomach thinking that someone was trying to take advantage of them.

Sadly, many of those student athletes who were good enough to play in college but could not afford the outrageous prices offered by recruiting services, did not go to college at all.

Overpriced Recruiting Services Are A Big Disgrace

At Woods Recruiting, that is not what we’re about.

I personally went through the college recruiting process and it did not work out for me in the traditional sense.

Back in my day, recruiting services did not exist, but they do now.

I do know my parents would have paid money to a recruiting service to help me.

I know my dad would have slapped down his credit card and paid for me to get recruiting help but I know my dad, he would not have paid thousands of dollars.

Both my parents had very good jobs and they could have easily paid $2,000 or more to help me get recruited, but no matter how you slice it that’s a lot of money.

I had this conversation with a guy who runs a recruiting service and I suggested he lower his price from $1,500 to something more manageable for parents to pay. His response was, “It would not be worth it if we were to lower our fee.”

My thought was, not worth it to who?

My ongoing thoughts were, all we are suppose to be about is working with all student athletes to help them achieve their dreams of playing in college?

This recruiting service’s thoughts were about the money and not about the people. All the years I’ve been in this business I’ve cared about people first.

It’s easy sometimes for recruiting services to want to charge thousands of dollars. I believe it’s because they were never recruited or were not good enough to play in college at all.

It’s all about value, and we know what the value is of a new car, everyone knows that. What everyone don’t know is the real value of a recruiting service.

When you buy new car you get the keys and you get to drive away. With a recruiting service it’s completely different; when you pay for it you cannot actually hold it in your hands.

A new car you can drive it around town showing it off to all your friends and family. In some ways that’s the real value.

Yes, that new car is going to cost you a lot of money but the real value is measured in so many ways.

The value of recruiting services does not equal the same value as buying a new car, but some of these recruiting services want you to pay money as though you are making a down payment on a brand new car.

Overpriced Recruiting Services Are A Big Disgrace

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