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students athletes and the college recruiting processI don’t know the exact number of student athletes in this country who are looking for college recruiting assistance, but the real problem is there are not enough recruiting services to assist them.

You don’t have to use a recruiting service to be exposed to college to coaches. You could do your own recruiting. Recruiting services do serve a great purpose where they can dramatically save parents and student athletes a lot of time when it comes to networking with college coaches.

Make no mistake, choosing the right recruiting service goes a long way in your overall college recruiting success.

Everyone needs an edge when it comes to the recruiting process. Recruiting is challenging; recruiting is difficult; recruiting is confusing; and recruiting oftentimes is ridiculous. There’s no doubt about it recruiting has its issues.

Unfortunately, there is a certain segment of student athletes who are under-recruited; who are good enough to play at the college but, for one reason or another, become invisible.

The problem: Compared to gas stations, there’s not enough college recruiting services out there. Everywhere you turn there’s a gas station to service the millions of cars that ride around in different cities and towns in this country. Just imagine if the nearest gas station was 10 or 20 miles away, can you see the potential disasters of people running out of gas all over the city?

More cars on the streets no gas stations to take care of the needs of all of those cars and the people who drive them.

Now imagine student athletes who are looking for college recruiting help but cannot find anyone anywhere. Let’s assume that student athletes and their parents want to bypass the high school coach for someone who’s more experienced in recruiting.

Parent wants to use a recruiting service but they’re not sure where to look or where to turn for help.

Just imagine if that was the same scenario for someone who owns a car and they’re driving around for miles looking for a gas station in a decent sized city. Just imagine the look on the motorist’s face as they are slowly running out of gas and they can’t find a gas station anywhere.

Just think how parents of student athletes feel when their backs are against the wall when it comes to the recruiting process. These parents are looking for help; there looking for answers; they’re looking for someone to guide them in the recruiting process, but there’s no one there.

For college recruiters who are reading this blog post and I hope you’ve made it down this far, you need to be everywhere so that the parents of student athletes can see you, can find you and where you make it easy for them to communicate with you.

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