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Montrey Thompson: 5’9″ 142lbs

Class of 2018 at Concordia Prep in Towson, Maryland

GPA: 2.6

SAT: Preparing

ACT: Preparing

Potential Major: Sports Management

Everyone needs a fearless player on the floor that does not back down. Montrey does not show fear when he steps onto the court.  He is ready to give it all that he has to help his team succeed.

This is not just what every coach would say about his or her player, he will leave it all on the floor.   He moves very well in defensive sets and plays passing lanes well.

He possesses the ability to stick to an opponent like glue.  Montrey possesses three point range.  He has decent court vision, whether in transition or in half court.  He is developing a nice all-around game as he averaged 8 points, 5 steals, and 4 assists per game.  He is maturing at the right time and has a great upside.

Final Thoughts:    

Montrey is the type of student-athlete that would represent his school well as he also volunteers in his community and he is an ambassador for his high school.

These are both great attributes to have as a member of any school community. Montrey also was selected for the National Academy of Future Scientists and Technologists Award of Excellence.

Recruiting Intangibles:    



Energy Giver

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