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Money And The College Recruiting ProcessWe all know there’s various components of the recruiting process that are not free. Wait a minute, let me take that back. Everything about recruiting cost money. Just how much a parent is willing to invest in their child’s athletic future is the real question.

There are a lot of parents out there who have very good incomes and can afford to spend money on every single aspect of recruiting, but I don’t think it’s totally necessary to have to invest your life savings into getting your child exposure to college programs.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to actually write a letter the old fashioned way and mail it to a college coach.

Once you build a relationship with a large number of college programs then it becomes less expensive to network with these coaches.

You can send emails, which costs nothing, but your established relationship with college coaches can go a long way in getting your foot in the door in regards to those college programs.

You do not have to attend every single camp in the country. Sometimes student athletes will attend summer camps when there are no college coaches in attendance.

That’s a huge waste of money and time and can be slightly aggravating to a parent who has to forked over the money.

The DVD is the double-edged sword in recruiting. What I mean by that is many parents believe that mailing out fifty to maybe a hundred DVD’s to college coaches will do the trick.

In my opinion, that’s a big waste of money because these college coaches are not going to look at your DVD, because they don’t know who you are.

Crazy as it sounds, you’re still going to need to mail your DVD to a college coach. Just be careful on who you mail these DVD’s to.

Every college coach does not deserve to see your DVD. What I’m trying to say is, just because a particular college coach asks for a DVD does not mean you should mail it to them. Make sure you have some kind of consistent, on-going dialogue with a college coach before ever mailing those expensive DVD’s.

Parents should carefully budget their money for the upcoming summer season of recruiting. The recruiting process for high school student athletes who are not entering their senior year begins when their season ends.

The regular season for student athlete does have some value. That’s the time when you can videotape game action for your DVD. That’s also the time where you can gather up statistics and get those out to college programs, so the regular season has some value.

I believe more importantly, that the summer months are when all the student athletes are out of school and can be at a camp or traveling around the country with their club team.

That’s the most critical time of the year because college programs are also free to recruit.

College coaches will be at all the big camps, tournaments and showcases throughout the country recruiting the best talent or are discovering some hidden talent. Budget your money and try to be at as many events as possible.

Just a second ago, I said you don’t have to attend every camp but you should choose your camps wisely. There’s always some knucklehead out there advertising about his exposure event claiming that there will be college coaches there.

When you register and pay your money for these events and you show up eager to perform at your athletic best you come to realize there are no coaches in attendance.

Only deal with those organizations that have previously held camps, showcases or events that actually have college programs there.

The bottom line is to budget your money for the summer because that’s when it’s going to count most in recruiting for your student athlete into the next athletic season.

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