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Mistakes Are Often Made In The Recruiting Process

Mistakes are constantly being made in the college recruiting process. Former high school basketball player Jason Barringer from Richmond, Virginia, experienced firsthand the harsh reality of making college recruiting mistakes.

You see, Jason was an above-average high school basketball student athlete who was attracting the attention of some small division one and a few division two college programs as well.

The mistake Jason made was trusting in the fact that these college programs knew everything about him and he thought he didn’t need to do anything extra.

Jason stood about 6’6 and weighted around 185 pounds.

When you really think about it, in the state of Virginia there must be 100 or more players who have the exact same measurements as Jason Barringer.

What exactly is it that’s going to separate Jason from all the other basketball players who have similar height, weight, and academic strengths?

The process of getting recruited is hard and very confusing, and putting the details together could take months if not years to figure out.

Therefore, many student athletes and their parents rely on the high school coach to make something happen for them in the recruiting process. The student athlete will rely solely on their athletic ability believing their talents will sell itself automatically to college coaches.

Keep in mind that Jason was not one of the highly-ranked players that you see on websites such as ESPN, Rivals or Scout. Those student athletes get to pick the college program they wish to play for.

Players who are like Jason don’t have that luxury of being able to pick the college or university of their dreams.

As a college recruiting process began to wind down for Jason Barringer, he was hit with the harsh reality that college programs were beginning to overlook him. Yes, many college programs from Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and into the Carolinas, all know about Jason, but it did not go any further.

The one big problem is that there was no follow-up or constant communication between Jason and all of the so-called interested college programs.

Understand this: The college recruiting process is not something where student athletes sit back and wait for college programs to come calling on them. Student athletes’ names do not magically appear out of thin air and fall into the laps of college coaches. Someone, somewhere has to put the names of student athletes into the hands of college coaches and be extremely consistent in doing so.

There are a lot of student athletes who experience great joy at the beginning of the college recruiting process only to have it not turn out exactly as they wished.

Jason did end up in college, I won’t mention the name of the school but it wasn’t exactly the college program he really wanted to play for. His choice of a college program was actually made out of desperation because time was running out.

The sport student athletes play is a game, the college recruiting process is not.

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