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Lost In Translation

Recruiting is very complex. Just to try to figure out the various aspects of the recruiting process you almost need a law degree. This is why we tell parents and student-athletes, especially parents, to get started with the recruiting process 12 to 18 months prior to a student-athlete’s senior year.

You’re going to need all of that time to come up with a strategy to take on the rigors of the recruiting process. Recruiting is not easy and never has been.

The reason it is extremely competitive is because every student athlete who believe they have talent wants to take that talent to the college level. The issue becomes who’s going to get their names in front of enough college coaches to get recruited?

That is the strategy. You’re going to need 12 to 18 months of planning, of preparing, and of executing to achieve any level of success. Recruiting is extremely competitive because everyone who’s in it is vying for a full athletic scholarship. That is the ultimate reward, that is the prize.

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