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If you had a really bad toothache and you know the only solution is having that tooth pulled by the dentist, would you wait for a week, two weeks, or maybe a month?  Hell naw!  

You want to get that tooth out of your mouth as soon as possible to avoid further discomfort and the horrible pain you’ve been feeling for weeks if not longer.

When it comes to the recruiting process many parents of student-athletes sit back and wait believing they have all the time in the world.

These parents believe at some point college coaches will approach their son or daughter. Many of these parents believe they are the only ones who have a talented and gifted athletic child.

recruiting and moneyI’m here to tell you point blank: the recruiting process plays no favorites whatsoever.

If college coaches don’t know about you they cannot recruit you.

College coaches are recruiting student-athletes every day and if your name is not  in their hands then you mean absolutely nothing to them.

Procrastination is one of the many killers of the college recruiting process.

The parents of student-athletes who are constantly holding out hope for some kind of major college miracle are actually absorbing body blows and kicks to the groin on a daily basis by procrastinating.

Let’s say a student-athlete begins the college recruiting process in their junior year of high school, and let’s assume they have 365 days to put towards recruiting. How many of those days will actually be devoted to recruiting? How many of those days will be wasted? 365 days is a lot. 365 days can easily slip past you with very little progress towards recruiting.

How many of those 365 days are student-athletes and parents going to actually use towards recruiting?

I have seen it a million and one times where parents are burning up many of those 365 days.  Here comes Monday and, if nothing is done towards recruiting, that day is gone and they’re never going to get that back. It’s a day wasted and it’s a day lost.

The strongest advice I can give to parents of student-athletes is to stop wasting time and take aggressive action in networking with college coaches today.

You wouldn’t wait two weeks to get that tooth pulled which is causing you so much pain, would you?

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