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Life Of A College Scout

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

It is the life that the outsiders see and want until they pull back the curtain and realize there’s a large puzzle behind it all.

The life of a college scout. This is what everyone wants to be because of the images they’ve seen on TV.

Evaluating talented student-athletes is a skill that can be easily learned, but being a professional college scout requires asking uneducated parents on the process of recruiting for money.

Outsiders everywhere see the glitz and glamour associated in the world of being a scout.

Unfortunately when they realize there’s actual work the glitz and glamour doesn’t seem so shiny anymore.

Make no mistake, money can be made in this business if you’re willing to work to get it.

The money will not appear out of thin air. It’s going to require a certain amount of sophistication, education, and skill, wrapped up in talent which makes it seem like a four-year degree is required.


A plethora of student-athletes from all sports are available for college recruiting help, guidance, and education.

Understand that a small percentage of theses student-athletes actually get to pick, choose, and dictate where they want to attend college.

These student-athletes are the 1%. They are amazing and everyone knows their name. 99% of student-athletes are going to struggle at some level with recruiting.

Now here comes the problem. Most recruiting services struggle to sign up a certain percentage of the 99% who will no doubt have various issues and concerns with recruiting.

The problem is due to the lack of fundamentals that most recruiting services and college scouts lack.

Scouts are not sales professionals. They lack training in the basic fundamentals which is why many struggle.

It becomes extremely discouraging and frustrating to the unprofessional scout to sign student-athletes on a consistent basis.


The life of a college scout can be met with constant disappointment. The parents tell you no, they’re not interested, don’t call us we’ll call you, etc. There’s constant rejection and daily disappointment.

Those words are like getting hit on your naked backside with a belt.

Every time the parent tells you no, they’re not interested or some other objection it’s going to feel like you’re being hit on your ass.

Nobody in their right mind is going to like getting hit on their ass day after day.

That is what many unprofessional, uneducated, and untrained college scouts face each and every time they’re beginning a conversation with a parent. The potential of pain is real.


In the life of a scout, the real problem is winging it-making it up as you go along.

When I first got into the business my beliefs were I played college and professional basketball and I can walk into someone’s house and have that conversation about recruiting.

The notion that parents would sign up with me automatically jumped into my head because of my background.  

I was wrong, totally wrong and miserably disappointed in the lack of positive results.

The pain on my backside was real and I got tired of it.

I really wanted to be successful in this business. I began to figure it out. I started to educate myself on how to have that critical conversation with parents.


My life as a college scout started in August,1989 and now it’s coming to an end. I’m making the shift to consulting college scouts and educating recruiting services.

My life as a college scout has given me a bottomless pit of endless information on the process that I am going to share.

The business of scouting has a foul taste of unruliness and evilness of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Doing it the right way is not an option.

Misleading parents, tricking them out of money by scandalous details of a false narrative of believing money can deliver scholarships, is a common destructive path associated with some criminal recruiting services.

Social media is giving a voice to the voiceless in the recruiting process for those who have been tricked or scammed out of their money by the slicksters and the sickest of recruiting services.

You constantly hear complaints like, don’t waste your money with recruiting services, do your own recruiting, etc. Like any parent could actually put together that jigsaw puzzle without any professional help.


Sorry, negativity and haters towards recruiting services is real in our daily world.

Those who steal, trick, and con parents out of money will come and go, but there are those who are building a future for the long haul of history and will not be associated with criminals.

I’ve heard the horror stories of the unethical services and what they have done to families from actual families. They decided to give me a chance and told me their story.

How to rid the world of bad services? Your thoughts maybe say it has nothing to do with me so why should I care? I’m not responsible. You must care because it’s important.

You’re going to be accused, rightly or wrongly, and it’s unfair but you’re one of the bad guys, too.

I have heard the talk for decades, sitting there listening to someone downgrading the profession.

When I heard this I became upset and angry because I was going to lose money.


My livelihood of supporting my family and building a future is being snatched away by some loudmouth hater who’s destructive words felt like that stinging belt on my backside.

The solution it’s right in front of you; the answers are inside your head. The passion is the answer and the solution of ridding the world of horrible recruiting services.

You must be as skilled as a surgeon and 100% correct in your placement of student-athletes.

Every year you must show it, you must prove it to the skeptical public who, more than likely, will remain skeptical anyway, but now you have real-life proof to shut them up.

The bad guys will disappear because they cannot follow your positive direction. Show and tell with proof, the 100% college placement. More skilled than a surgeon.

Insert infographic here: The bad guys will disappear because they cannot follow your positive direction.

The life of a college scout is filled with endless games, sitting in the stands observing players giving it their all for the team, their coach, and impressing their families.

Buying a ticket, eating some popcorn while taking notes, showing interest but no favoritism is part of the life of being a college scout.

The other part is the uneasy conversation with a parent about what you do, knowing a skeptical look or a frown from a parent about your prices and your ability.

It’s all about your professionalism.

The life of a college scout is more than just buying a bag of popcorn and watching games.

The life of a college scout is no different, in some respects, to other businesses.

It’s critical to build a network.


You must be seen by everyone that you want to do business with.

Skepticism, doubt, and belligerent dumb-dumbs run rampant. Impress the coaches who don’t care, the parents who might care, and the student-athletes who need to care.

Visibility is an absolute must.

The process is hard. There’s nothing easy about being successful.

If it was then everyone could do it even the morons, the crooks, the criminals who are trying to get over on the naive parents, the eager student-athletes, and the high school coaches (who really don’t care either way).


Back in 1989 I knew nothing about the life of a college scout. All I knew was that I wanted to be in it.

Something about being around the game as an impartial observer and having conversations with players, coaches, parents, and random fans always interested me.

I wanted to be out there and I knew that was the best approach to growing and building my business.

Getting invited to practices, tickets to games, t-shirts and sweatshirts in the mail from college programs who appreciated my work was all the perks of the life of being a college scout. I ate it up and I truly enjoyed it.

For those who are already in the business or wish to join the club do it the right way.

Do it because you’re passionate about the process like I was.

Do it because you’re passionate about every angle and corner of this business. It’s a fascinating business if you do it the right way.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on the life of a college scout.

This is an unusual business to say the least. It doesn’t get a whole lot of respect like other businesses. I think it’s mainly, in large part, because there’s no governing body and no regulation.

What if there was the NCAA for recruiting services? Sure, certain types of services have to register if you’re selling information to college coaches.

If you’re giving the information away for free you don’t have to register with anyone and that could be a problem.

I don’t think there’s enough recruiting services based on the number of student-athletes who are still slipping through the cracks of the recruiting process, down a deep volcano trapped forever unable to get out.

Doing it the right way is always the right thing to do, but many recruiting services don’t care about doing it the right way. They care about ripping people off and getting as much money as they can, then cashing out.

The industry as a whole has a black cloud hanging over it because of all the idiots who steal, lie, and try to ruin the lives of other recruiting services who do it the right way every day.

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