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Letters From College Coaches

Letters From College Coaches

Letters From College Coaches 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Receiving a letter from a college coach. 

What real value does it really create? 

What power does it have behind it in the eyes of student-athletes and often confused parents?

Did you know there are large numbers of college coaches who struggle to obtain information of value on student-athletes? 

The only weapon at their disposal is sending a letter with a packet of information to that student-athlete’s high school in care of his or her coach.

This process is backwards, interpreted by manipulation, thievery, and trickery on behalf of some high school coach who wants to control all aspects of the recruiting process to build up their own ego and to have power over the student-athletes. 

Unfortunately, it’s the parents who they are in a constant tug-of-war with. 

Letters often come with questionnaires that need to be completed and sent back in a timely manner. 

What happens is the student-athlete do not actually receive this information from their coach containing the most vital and critical information towards the recruitment in a timely fashion.

When the information has not been completed and returned in a reasonable time frame, college programs feel neglected and thinks that the student-athlete is not interested so that coach will quickly move on to the next student-athlete.

To bypass the silliness of manipulation, I would suggest student-athletes and their families map out a list of college programs to target on their own, completing the athletic questionnaires directly from that athletic program’s website. This seems to be a more reasonable process.

Now, the questionnaire is completed in a timely manner and received by college coaches. 

The student-athlete is on their mailing list and open to receive correspondence such as additional questionnaires and information of high-value and importance all of which can be sent directly to the student-athlete’s home address instead of the school where it could get lost, manipulated, hidden by a knuckle-head high school coach with horrible intentions. It happens still to this day, sadly.

This is not an indictment against high school coaches. 

Not all of them are stupid, but a large percentage of them are.  

There’s countless proof of high school coaches holding back recruiting letters intended for the eyes of student-athletes that never reaches their hands. 

I would like to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below. Your comments are the oxygen that we need to continue to grow.


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