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College coaches don’t know you exist because they don’t know your athletic story. Let Woods Recruiting tell your college recruiting story to a targeted group of college coaches.

Your entire athletic career is the story that needs to be told to college coaches. This is how you’re going to get their attention and, most importantly, get recruited and placed in college.

As a high school student athlete, you may have incredible accomplishments or achievements that you want college coaches to know about.

Who’s going to tell your story after a big game, a great victory, or a special individual achievement that you want to share with college coaches?

Going unnoticed and unrecognized by college programs is due in large part because your story is not being told to them.

Many high school student athletes are doing amazing things athletically and academically, but your story is not being told.

There are thousands of high school student athletes who go under-recruited and slip through the cracks of the recruiting process all the time.

College coaches love information on student athletes. College coaches love to hear positive stories of what student athletes are doing athletically as well as academically.

Let Woods Recruiting tell your college recruiting story to a huge number of college coaches.

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