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Al Woods started Woods Recruiting in August of 1989. In that time frame, Al has talked to what seems like millions of student athletes, their parents and college coaches. 

As a potential college scout for Woods Recruiting, you will learn all there is to know from arguably the best in the business, Al Woods.

Al Woods’ background is that of a former high school basketball player at Bayside High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia. “I Did Not Get Recruited For College The Traditional Way.”

Quote from Al Woods: “There’s not too much I have not heard or seen from parents of high school student athletes.”

At Woods Recruiting, we have high expectations for those scouts who wish to join the Woods Recruiting team.

Many recruiting services come and go every year, few of them have staying power and many of them make it up as they go along.

We’re only looking for those individuals who want to learn all there is to know about being a college scout.

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