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One of the biggest things I see every year in recruiting is the lack of real recruiting knowledge from parents.

The parents are the ones who help guide recruiting decisions and influence their student athlete’s thoughts about recruiting.

If the parents lack the knowledge recruiting can become a disaster.

The college recruiting process is a complicated road map with many twists and turns that are hard to figure out and almost impossible to navigate in a timely manner.

You cannot start the college recruiting process at the first of the month and at the conclusion of that month expect to see results.

The college recruiting process is a once in a lifetime opportunity for student athletes.

The fact of the matter is that you only get one chance to make the recruiting process work in your favor.

The slightest misstep in the recruiting process can delay the process and waste valuable time that is critical in getting recruited for college.

Believe it or not, college coaches are not waiting for you to make up your mind.

College programs will overlook you and move on to more engaged student athletes and parents who have been approachable and aggressive in the overall aspects of recruiting.

Parents need to fully educate themselves on recruiting.

Student athletes and parents need to work together on recruiting strategies.

Seeking out the advice of college recruiting experts is critical.

Speaking with recruiting experts can make a difference in the overall recruiting process.

Not seeking recruiting knowledge can be detrimental.

Sitting on the sidelines holding out for a recruiting miracle can be disastrous.

The recruiting process is very hard to understand.The rules of recruiting are constantly changing.

Sometimes parents are easily influenced in recruiting.

Seek out advice, guidance, and assistance.

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