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The Woods Recruiting process is something that we have perfected over the history of our business. To get a greater understanding of our process, talk to one of the members on our team.

For more detailed information, go to our START page. Our process at Woods Recruiting has been studied, analyzed, and perfected over the history of our business.

We have detailed strategies on how to get student athletes the proper exposure to college programs.

There’s a reason why Woods Recruiting exists in the first place. Many student athletes go unnoticed and unrecognized by college coaches.

1 recruitingVery talented high school student athletes are often overlooked by college programs.

Not receiving a lot of exposure is not the fault of student athletes, but it is unfortunately how the process works.

  1. Receive exposure from college coaches.
  1. Be able to talk with someone on the Woods Recruiting team.
  1. You only get one chance to go from high school athlete to college athlete.
  1. It’s critical that student athletes and, more importantly, their parents take action to formulate a college recruiting strategy and plan for success.
  1. The college recruiting process plays no favorites.
  1. The recruiting process only cares about talent.
  1. The Woods Recruiting process is geared towards college placement of student athletes. 

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