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Kennedy R. Millsap

Kennedy R. Millsap

Recruiting Director: Joliet, Illinois

Kennedy R. Millsap was born on October 28 1953 in Joliet, Illinois and lived in neighboring Lockport,Illinois. Kennedy grew up enjoying all sports and then coached his children’s basketball and baseball teams before becoming a scout. “I started coaching at the Y.M.C.A, it was a great opportunity to coach young people. As the years went by, I went from coaching at the YMCA to the local junior high schools, Fairmont and Washington.

These were great times learning about coaching, understanding talent, how to plan for games, and putting the right people into place. Also, looking at other teams play is the great part of coaching and scouting. I’ve learned a lesson in coaching and scouting; you have to love people to be in business. I love people and I love to share insights of life.”

A Scallion position opened up at Joliet Township High School for the 1999-2000 season. Kennedy was selected and was so happy for the position. “I’ve seen a lot of talent and did a lot of traveling, I enjoyed it. That year our team took the Regional,Sectional and Super- Sectional Titles. Scouting was the major factor in winning.

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