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jump start athletesFor $150.00, student athletes and possibly their parents get to talk with someone from Jump Start Athletics about the college recruiting process over the phone or via Skype.

My question is, talk about what?

Obviously, you’re going to be discussing recruiting strategies and tips but this company is not a recruiting service. They say they “don’t act on behalf of student athletes” so what exactly will someone get for their $150.00?

What could Jump Start Athletics possibly tell someone about recruiting that many people don’t already know?

What student athletes actually need is a recruiting service that’s going to help them find a college program, not a bunch of conversation.

The $150 is what it costs per phone call. You could spend that money on writing letters to college coaches, building your own recruiting website and e-mail that information to college coaches for what it costs to have a conversation with someone from Jump Start Athletics.

I think this is a waste of time and money to have to deal with these guys at Jump Start Athletics.

Having a conversation is part of the college recruiting process in order to find out exactly what the student athletes’ needs are. Having a conversation is about developing a list of college programs for the student athletes.

Having a conversation is to help educate parents on the college recruiting process. Those kinds of conversations should be with trained and experienced college recruiting services.

Jump Start Athletics was founded in 2012 by Alex Ball and Katie Ball. At least one thing is cool about it; their name has the word ball in it.

Student athletes, parents and high school coaches are already having conversations about the college recruiting process. I don’t think you should have to pay $150 to have a conversation when you’re already having that conversation as a student athlete with your parents and your coach.

Basically, $150 is not going to help you get into college. There’re only going to hold your hand and have a conversation with you.

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