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Jeremiah Moon: 6 Reasons To Recruit Him

Jeremiah Moon: 6 Reasons To Recruit Him

Jeremiah Moon: 6 Reasons To Recruit Him

  1. A very special football talent.
  2. A very smart football player.
  3. Speed and size.
  4. Is known by all the major college programs.
  5. Loves to compete.
  6. Wants to compete against the very best.

On the college recruiting radar of today is high school football player Jeremiah Moon. 

The college recruiting process is extremely challenging with many twists and turns. Throughout the recruiting process does Jeremiah Moon has what it takes to be recruited by multiple college programs?

What is your overall opinion of high school football player Jeremiah Moon

Is he a very good player, a great player or an average player?

College coaches all over the country are looking for players out of high school who can sometimes step in and played as freshman. College programs are looking for players who they can develop and replace star players within a year or two; is Jeremiah Moon that player?

In the state where Jeremiah Moon plays football, is he considered one of the top high school football prospects or just an average football player trying to make a name for himself in this highly competitive world of college recruiting?

Many high school football players receive a great deal of help with the recruiting process from their high school coaches.

In this situation, does the high school coach get the job done when it comes to the college recruiting process or does the coach fall short?

Sometimes high school football players are overlooked by college coaches because of lack of exposure, playing on a losing football program or getting absolutely no help from the high school coach.

How does Jeremiah Moon coach stack up to the day to day details of the overall college recruiting process?

The college recruiting process is difficult, very challenging and time-consuming. In your opinion, do you think Jeremiah Moon is being recruited by the right college programs or is there more that can be done for Jeremiah Moon in the college recruiting process?

Do you think the NCAA has too many restrictions that limit the college recruiting process?  For example, should there be more contact of high school student athletes during their high school athletic career?

The NCAA in my opinion may be too over-protective with all of their ridiculous rules about recruiting and the treatment of student athletes. What do you think?

Will Jeremiah Moon be a major college football recruit and what will be his lasting impact at the college level?

Sometimes, there’s so much attention paid to student athletes at the high school level that we often forget what they do once they reach college. How will the story of Jeremiah Moon be told?

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