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Jayla Garnett High School Volleyball Recruit

Jayla Garnett  High School Volleyball Recruit

On the college recruiting radar for today is high school volleyball player, Jayla Garnett.

  1. Can this player take her talents to the next level?
  1. Whose recruiting her now?
  1. Is she a division one volleyball player or something else?
  1. Is she a highly ranked player?
  1. Does she have quality game film?

The college recruiting process is extremely challenging with many twists and turns. Throughout the recruiting process does Jayla Garnett  have what it takes to be recruited by multiple college programs?

What is your overall opinion of high school volleyball athlete Jayla Garnett  ? Is she a very good player, a great player or an average player?

College coaches all over the country are looking for high school players who can sometimes step in and play as a freshman.

College programs are looking for players who they can develop and replace star players within a year or two; is Jayla Garnett  that player?

In the state where Jayla Garnett  plays volleyball, is she considered one of the top high school volleyball prospects or just an average player trying to make a name for herself in this highly competitive world of college recruiting?

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