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Click this link to watch his video. VIDEO.

Jamani Williams: Height 6’5 Weight 290 Senior at I. C. Norcom High School, Portsmouth, Virginia. Academics: GPA: 2.4 SAT: 1040 ACT: Jamani plays on the offensive line at the right tackle position.

This young man is an up and coming football talent who is still maturing athletically. Jamani’s dream has always been to play college football at the highest level. He has the talent and the physical athletic ability to compete at the college level.

If this young man was to get into the right football program and receive outstanding coaching, we believe his athletic ability would greatly improve.

Because of Jamani’s willingness to accept coaching, we strongly believe that he has the potential to start as a college freshman. We know that’s asking a lot and many college freshmen do not start right away but offensive lineman are not easily found, especially those who have the athletic ability and the willingness to learn more and to get better.

I’m providing several links to videos of Jamani and you will see for yourself how good a football player this young man is. Jamani Williams, High School Football Recruit 2016. Recruiting Intangibles:

  1. Coachable.
  2. He’s a student of the game.
  3. Loves football.
  4. Outstanding student.

Final Thoughts: Jamani loves football and it has always been his dream to take his talents to the college level.  I believe a college program would be getting an outstanding young man who has the potential to do great things in the future. Jamani has not totally reached his full potential which still is yet to come. Take a serious look at this young man; he could have the potential to be an impact player on your college football program.

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