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It's All About The Information

Failure is not an option! How many times have we heard that cliché in movies?

Failure is common among college scouts and recruiting services. The reason, in my opinion, is mainly due to lack of information.

You’re only as good as the last parent who paid for your service.

Too many, and I mean far too many recruiting services are not getting enough business. Without a steady stream of cash flow you’re going to be out of business real fast.

There’s a lot to learn about being a successful college scout. I am providing you a critical glimpse of what is needed to achieve longlasting success.

Playbook: This website will serve as an ongoing playbook. Without a playbook you’ll be running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

  • We all need direction.
  • We all need information.
  • It’s important to have resources.

You can look around across the Internet and you will not find any information whatsoever on how to be a college scout.

Just about every other subject is covered.

Goal Setting: It’s important to have a road map. It’s important to have direction. The best way to do that I believe is to set goals. We will discuss in great detail on this website about strategies needed to set goals. I think those are critical because it gives you something to shoot for.

  • You can set short-term goals that are 3 months.
  • Mid-term goals which are 6 months.  
  • Long-term goals which are 12 months.

The goal should be realistic. Saying something like I want a million dollars in a year is a nice goal, but it’s unrealistic.

We want realistic, achievable goals and that’s what we’re going to work on with this website.

Strategies:  A large segment of college scouts and recruiting services have no strategies. They’re just winging it and making it up as they go along.

  • We will cover strategies on this website.
  • It’s important to have a blueprint.
  • It’s important to have a roadmap.
  • It’s important to have strategies.
  • Strategies are critical components to succeed as a college scout.

Role-Play:  In this process you’re going to ask parents of student-athletes a lot of questions.

You’re going give a presentation to parents. Why not practice everything you do in a role-play scenario?

Just think what it would be like if a sports team never practiced. They wouldn’t succeed at all. The level of disorganization and utter confusion would be off the charts. It would be a complete disaster on all levels.

One of the great ways to avoid total disaster is role-play.

Role-play is like that scrimmage game where you get to work things out then you go back and critique, analyze, and study before you actually do it for real.

Questions:  Questions control the conversation in the presentation. The more questions you have the more control you will have.

Have better questions will push you a giant step closer to signing up the parent.

The parent, outside of the student-athlete, is the most critical component in your role as a college scout. The parent is going to pay for your service. It’s important that you have questions.

It’s critical that you understand the kinds of questions you need.

Presentation:  It is show time.

It is presentation time.

It is time for you as the college scout to explain to the parents how you’re going to help their son or daughter.

The floor is yours.

You are now on center stage.

The moment of truth is here.

It’s important that you understand how to properly conduct a presentation.

It’s all about the first impressions. If you screw it up you’re going to have a hard time getting those parents to listen to you ever again.

The Closing Question: Your job is to close. This is where we separate the winners from the losers. If you can’t close you’re not going to be successful.

The great closers are confident men and women. You’re going to learn how to close.

You’re going to learn all the strategies on how to deliver a strong closing question and get the parents of high school student-athletes to sign up with you.

Objection: If not handled properly the objection could hit you in the face like a brick.

  • Objection means no.
  • Objection means not interested.
  • Objection means we want to think it over.
  • Objection means we’ll call you first don’t call us back.
  • Objection can be devastating.
  • Objection is part of the business.

Every parent you encounter is not going to say yes, but it also means that every parent will not say no either.

Let me be clear, there is no way to get around the objection. I think it’s important from the very beginning to understand objections and to embrace it and to learn to love it.

On this website you’re going to learn various techniques on objections, comebacks, and various scenarios on how to fight back with parents who offer up the many objections you’re bound to encounter.

I’m going to refer to a lot of what sports teams do. I think being a college scout is directly parallel to NFL football. There’s a lot of mistakes, there’s a lot of rejection, there’s a lot of things that can go on and go wrong in a football game.

The good coaches make adjustments. The great coaches know how to capitalize on adjustments to succeed to greater heights. It’s critical that you understand the objection and learn from it.

The Follow-Up Phone Call: A lot of college scouts struggle with the follow-up phone call.

You’ve already given your presentation to the parents. They know how much it costs and let’s assume they have an understanding to a certain degree of what you’re going to do for them.

Now the moment of truth. The follow-up phone call brings a huge amount of anxiety, nervousness, and stress to a lot of college scouts.

Some scouts don’t know what to do; they’re so frustrated and nervous that they fail. We will cover this topic in great detail.

Rejection: We can’t win them all. No one’s going to be 100%, that goes for college scouts and recruiting services.

  • Rejection is a big part of the business.
  • Everyone you talk to is not going to sign up with you.
  • You’re going to put your best effort out there.
  • You’re going to do everything by the book.
  • You’re going to do everything by the numbers.
  • Great presentation, great questions, great follow-up questions, everything is going smoothly.
  • With all that being said the parent still may not sign up with you.
  • It happens and it happens to the best of us.
  • We’re going to talk about rejection a great deal on this website and how to deal with it.
  • Far too many scouts give up and are run out of the business because they can’t handle rejection.

Social Media: Social media is here to stay. Social media is very important and it’s very important that you understand how to use it the right way.

Most people use it to post things about their family, photos of their vacation stuff like that.

That’s good and there’s nothing wrong with it. For the purpose of running a recruiting service and being a college scout you can do a lot more to reach your audience.

You have a voice to get your message out. It’s a powerful tool, social media. I think many college scouts don’t use it enough.

Final Thoughts

I love the business. I love going to games, being around players and coaches.

I have great relationships with college coaches. This is a fun business that can put a lot of money in your pocket.

If done correctly this could be a full-time business with income equal to or more than what you’re earning at your current job.

I want this website to be a hub for all college scouts and recruiting services, to get the information they need to make more money and be extremely successful.

No doubt about it you’re in business and all business professionals are looking to make a profit. There’s nothing wrong with charging a fee. Your services are not free.

You want to be respected and taken seriously. There will be knuckleheads out there.

There’s always going to be haters who are against recruiting services. Pay these morons no mind. Ignore the noise. Who cares what these people think?

You’re a business professional you’re trying to help kids get into college. It is big business.

We’re never going to run out of student-athletes. We’re never going to run out of the opportunity to assist them. This is a big country and I believe there’s enough business out here for every recruiting service to succeed.

I have a ton of knowledge. I want to share that knowledge with all of you.

We’re going to have a lot of blog posts that will provide information to help you do a better job as a college scout.

Also, your voice will be heard. Please leave a comment. Please give your thoughts and opinions, I want to hear what you think.

I’m also going to write stories of my experiences as a college scout

The bottom line is, I want all of you to succeed! The student-athletes will benefit from it and that is what we’re here for.


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