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It’s All About Good Grades

It’s All About Good Grades

It's All About Good Grades

We’ve all heard it a thousand times about having good grades, the message is loud and clear but I want to be absolute. If you have bad grades you will be invisible to college coaches.

Bad grades do not care if you are the next great, sensational star athlete, conference player-of-the-year where you have a ranking next to your name.

None of that would mean much of anything if your grades are sub-par.

The obvious remedy to bad grades would be a junior college or maybe a prep school.

A lot of junior colleges are so far away from home you can’t even find them on the map.

Others have less than a thousand students in attendance and you would be stuck there for two years, away from friends and family, out of your comfort zone all because you didn’t buckle down in the classroom during your high school years.

Now you’re being punished and locked down in a junior college. You have totally lost control.

Student-athletes spend countless hours of practice devoted to developing their talents into amazing talent.

So much dedication, but why do they fall short in the classroom? Why aren’t grades just as important as athletic development?

For every hour of practice an equal amount of time should be devoted to academic development, it only makes sense.

Standardized tests are just as important as any statistical category you hope to achieve as a student-athlete. 

Often student-athletes do not take these critical tests as serious as they should.

There’s a lot of downtime during the summer months so why not, as a team or in a group get together to form a study group? 

You all could have a meeting at the local library where there’s air conditioning and quiet, surrounded by books.

Maybe one of the parents or two could work as an administrator gathering up the group, transporting the group, facilitating the study process, etc.

This is also a great way to build team chemistry among the players and parents. 

The standardized tests are so critical to college placement it’s one of the most critical components out there and just as important as your height, weight, your skill-set, your ability, your heart, and your passion.

Your grades are that powerful.

Don’t ever think that a college program will recruit you if you have bad grades!

It’s impossible you could ever get admitted into college. Do not take this for granted, ever.

I would like to know what you think of this topic. Please leave a comment in the comment section below. Your comments are the oxygen we need to grow.


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