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The Interview Process

  1. The interview process could last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.
  2. Please feel free to take notes during the interview process.
  3. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your experience and your background.
  4. Please Be On Time! Time Is Money In This Business.
  5. Prior to the interview write down questions you want to ask me.

All of our interviews are done one on one via Skype. If you’re reading this information go ahead and set up Skype account today. It’s free to set up.

Learn how to use Skype which can be done from your cell phone, tablet PC or desktop computer. At Woods Recruiting, we want to meet all of those who are interested in becoming a scout at Woods Recruiting face to face.

We know that it is impossible for those to meet in person at our headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

Technology is a beautiful thing, so take advantage of the free technology of Skype.

At Woods Recruiting we’re looking to hire superstars.

  1. Are you successful?
  2. Do you get the job done no matter what?
  3. Do you hate losing?
  4. Do you have a killer instinct?
  5. Are you aggressive?

An ideal candidate is someone who was a former high school and college athlete, a high school coach, assistant coach, a former college or assistant coach, a club coach, or someone who works as a personal trainer.

We’re looking for superstars to go out and earn a fair and competitive commission.

Superstars are needed to represent high school student athletes in the college recruiting process.

An average person more than likely would not be qualified to be a scout at Woods Recruiting because the requirements and training are extremely challenging, as it should be.

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