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Information Overload Of Recruiting

Information Overload Of Recruiting
Information Overload Of Recruiting

It is information overload that causes a lot of confusion with parents who are dealing with the college recruiting process, either for the first time or it’s their second go around.

I want to give you my thoughts and opinions on some of the frustrations many parents have to deal with about the entire college recruiting process.

Much of what I’m going to tell you is based on thousands of phone conversations I’ve had with parents of student athletes.

The impression that I got from many parents about recruiting is that they thought it was someone else’s job or responsibility to handle college recruiting from beginning to end.

Because so much goes into recruiting many parents push the responsibilities of recruiting onto the high school coach or maybe a club coach or some parents may hire a recruiting service.

A number of parents also feel that recruiting did not take place until their student athlete was a senior in high school. It’s like the previous three years of high school was some kind of warm up to the senior year.

I’m here to tell you that the recruiting process, in one form or another takes place every year your student athlete is in high school and when you factor in athletic development, which can begin as early as the middle school years.

The academic side of recruiting is a four year battle of standardized test preparation, improving your GPA or taking the standardized tests and scoring really well on it. It’s an ongoing process of academic improvement over the lifetime of a high school career.

A lot of male and female athletes start to mature around seventh and eighth grade and that is the time in their development to begin a process of becoming a better athlete or fine tuning their athletic skills.

Don’t take this the wrong way parents but I believe it is information overload that sends some parents into hiding when dealing with the college recruiting process.

I would think that in the eyes of parents the recruiting process is like the Yellow Pages book; with each page pertaining to some detail or process about recruiting.

The college recruiting process is that deep and detailed and it is understandable to see why some parents just push the recruiting process to the side.

I wouldn’t expect someone to just hand a book of information on recruiting to parents and basically tell them, “You’re on your own! Good luck!” That would be like handing someone an instruction manual on how to build a car.

You wouldn’t have any more success in trying to build a car like recruiting without having someone to explain the details. If I was trying to build a car based on information out of a book, I wouldn’t know where to begin and after 15 to 20 minutes I would just put the book down, and say forget it for now.

I would think that’s the same thought in the minds of many parents towards the process recruiting. Parents are thinking, “I just don’t have the time to read all of this!” It would be easier to just go to the car dealership and buy a new car.

Some parents are thinking it would be easier to let someone else deal with all of the details of recruiting.


Student athletes love to play sports and we all know that at some point, those particular student athletes begin to distinguish themselves athletically above all others. The parents are thrust in the middle of the strange details of sports and recruiting.

The parents understand the value of an athletic scholarship and even the greater value of a college education. Who, in their right mind, would actually write a check year in and year out to pay for college? The answer is no one!

Because of that, parents are doing everything they can behind the scenes to learn more about recruiting and, for the most part, their student athletes athletic development.

When I was growing up, my parents didn’t know a whole lot about being recruited for college or how serious it was. They did have a common sense approach that if college programs were interested in me it was all good.

They supported me the best way they knew how basically and whatever I needed to succeed in sports they did their best to get it for me.

That’s absolutely the same approach that parents have still to this day. It’s kind of a once in a lifetime experience on what parents have to go through and deal with when their child is maturing athletically.

There is a lot of useful information on the college recruiting process. The problem is, there’s a lot of information about college recruiting. Sometimes, with so much valuable and useful information it can often be a turnoff for parents who were trying to understand the recruiting process for the first time.

You could go on the Internet right now and do a Google search for information on recruiting and you would literally find millions of search results.

No one is going to have the time to look through all of that information and, even if you did, would you know exactly what you are looking for in the first place?

My advice for parents would be to look for specific information on the college recruiting process. It will be impossible to try to learn everything there is to learn about recruiting in a couple weeks or months.

It’s important to understand certain aspects of the college recruiting process in small bite sized morsels of information.

I think it’ll become less confusing for parents if you gather small information where it’s easier to learn and understand.

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