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Dealing With The Impossible High School Coach. What Should Parents Do?

It is going to happen, where student athletes and parents run up against the high school coach who is impossible to deal with.

Unfortunately, there are many high school coaches who believe they have the ultimate power over a student athlete and their future.

The problem is that parents used to have alternatives to problematic high school coaches; it use to be if you’re sick and tired of that high school coach and the treatment you received, you could just transfer to a different high school.

Many school districts nowadays have restrictions on athletes transferring and, if you do decide to transfer, you lose a year of athletic eligibility and that really sucks!!

The only solution for parents and student athletes is to meet with a high school coach at the beginning of the season prior to the start of official practices just to get a feel for how things should go.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with parents meeting with the high school coach to establish expectations.

1. How much will my son or daughter play?

2. Will you be actively involved in recruiting?

3. Do you have an open door policy that if I have a problem or concern, I will be able to talk to you privately?

You get the idea, right? Why not meet with the coach behind closed doors to get an understanding on how things will go this season.

Now you have some high school coaches who feel no need to meet with the parents whatsoever, because they don’t care.

Now let’s be fair in this tug of war between parents and high school coaches. For years, a huge number of parents have screwed it up so badly because of their constant whining, complaining and threats towards coaches, that many high school coaches and the administration have a handsoff policy towards parents.

So, what can a levelheaded parent who has good intentions do in a situation when dealing with an impossible high school coach?

The other solution that is worth a try is to write a handwritten letter to the high school coach. You can either mail that letter to the school where that coach is employed or have in hand delivered.

As parents you don’t want to be conceived as pushy or a pain in the butt, so why not take a more sensible approach in writing a letter filled with your thoughts and opinions and requesting a face to face meeting.

If none of that works then you’ve done your best and you’ve made every attempt possible to establish some sort of dialogue with the high school coach.

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