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I Promise It Will Be Worth It

I Promise It Will Be Worth It

I Promise It Will Be Worth It 

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

It’s a seemingly ongoing battle, journey, climb, and struggle in developing athletic talents into recruitable student-athletes. 

Middle school is two years, high school is four which, added together, is six long years of striving for greatness, being coached by multiple people, the grind of practice, and the unbelievable grind of the travel season.

Student-athletes are the best with a dual title and double responsibilities. Your greatness is deserved and earned.

There’s so much that goes into the development of student-athletes. It’s amazing looking at the responsibility and the maturity these young people possess. Yes, sometimes they act silly and do goofy things.

It could be their way of blowing off steam because the pressure is enormous.

The spotlight is always on them. Everyone is always watching, looking, wishing that maybe they were them, wanting a glimpse of the life or a piece of the spotlight.

The constant practice, possible injuries, aches and pains is part of the life of a young student-athlete. 

The frustration associated with winning and losing, going to camp, being coached again, the pressure to win, the pressure to look your best, be your best when the spotlight is shining on you, in front of college coaches.

The pressure is enormous, the responsibility is great.

Striving for the scholarship and going to the next level is the goal.

The climb to the top is a long journey met with many bumps in the road.

Being thrown off course with no map, no guide, or GPS, what is a student-athlete to do? Who do they turn to for help?

The conclusion of the journey, getting your name into the hands of as many college coaches as possible, is worth it. You may not know it now or totally understand the process because it’s a puzzle.

Many of these pieces of the recruiting puzzle are confusing and makes absolutely no sense, but one thing that holds true is your work ethic, determination, your drive to succeed, and your activity in the classroom to achieve superior athletic strength.

In the end it will be worth it, I promise you.

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