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By Al Woods Of Woods RecruitingIt’s a verbal offer from a college coach who will then get back with you later with scholarship information.

As a high school student athlete you have done your athletic due diligence and now the moment you have been waiting for has finally arrived. A college coach really likes what you can do athletically and has extended a verbal commitment that they will offer you a full athletic scholarship.

This is how the recruiting process reaches its conclusion, to a certain degree. As a student athlete, you are extremely excited about the possibilities of playing your sport in college. Your parents are even more excited because of the years of commitment and investment towards this very moment.

What happens after the student athlete has received a verbal commitment from a college coach is sometimes there is a period of time where a student athlete may not hear from that coach.

The real question now becomes how long does the student athlete wait, after receiving a verbal offer from a college coach, before following up with that coach to make sure everything is good to go?

The majority of student athletes and parents don’t want to come off as being pushy or overly aggressive.

Because of this, many student athletes will tiptoe around the issue of making any kind of follow up phone calls or emails to a college coach. It is a delicate situation from the student athlete’s and parent’s perspective because you may feel that one wrong move and the coach could pull back their offer.

We’re talking about a college scholarship which is not offered to every high school athlete.

It is rare to receive a full athletic scholarship because only about 1% of student athletes who play a particular sport will actually receive a full athletic scholarship. So, it is understandable that some parents and student athletes will wait to hear back from a college coach.

The road of the entire college recruiting process is very long with many twists and turns, obstacles and obstructions along the way. When you think about it, from the time a student athlete enters their freshman year of high school until the completion of their senior year, you’re talking about well over 1,000 days that can be devoted towards recruiting.

It is serious and, at times, extremely stressful and I can understand how parents at this point who are so close to the final conclusion may want to hold off until they hear from a college program. I do think it is a mistake to wait 30 or maybe 40 days before considering to follow up with a college coach.

This scenario takes place often.


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