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recruitingThere are thousands of books on the subject of the college recruiting process, each book having their own detailed opinion. There is even thousands of college recruiting services out there and they all have a different approach to helping a student athlete with recruiting.

Then there are the everyday individuals who have an opinion or two on how student athletes should get recruited, along with the high school coaches and parents. With all of that college recruiting combustion, how would you fight through all of that and find the right opinion or solution on recruiting?

The only answer I could come up with is: there is no answer!

Only My Opinion!

Like I said earlier, every student athlete with their parent’s help will travel a different path to get to a college education and once in college, all those players who are there have also traveled different paths to get into college.

It’s import that parents and student athletes understand the steps they will be taking in the recruiting process.

In terms of recruiting, what works for one student athlete may not work for another regarding the steps needed to take to get placed in college.

For me personally, I had to move from my hometown in Virginia Beach, Virginia to Chicago, Illinois where my uncle was living at the time. I played in a charity basketball game for the radio station my uncle was working for in order for me to be discovered.

The referee had a connection with a gentleman by the name of Rick Ball who ran some kind of recruiting service out of Florida where my name was put on his college recruiting list.

Because I dominated in that charity basketball game, that gave me the opportunity to be discovered and to get my name on recruiting lists. Within two days I started to receive, what would seem like at the time, hundreds of phone calls.

Some student athletes may have the approach where they need to email hundreds of college coaches to get recruited. Another student athlete may try the approach of playing on a very good club team that travels and plays at many different tournaments in order to gain the attention of college coaches.

Back in the day when I was coming out of high school, the recruiting process was basically where your high school coach would contact college coaches and then the coaches would come out to see you play.

That approach to recruiting is old and outdated but it is still stuck in the minds of parents and some high school coaches that this is the best approach towards recruiting.

These days, there are hundreds of different approaches to take towards recruiting that parents of talented high school student athletes can use.

The problem is finding which approach will work best and fit your needs towards recruiting.

When I was in high school, no one had a clue on exactly how to approach the college recruiting process other than go out to play your sport very well and where you can be discovered.

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