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I’ve seen this sad scenario play out for years where hardworking parents go to great expense to send their sons and daughters to camp.

They’re spending several hundred bucks believing that somehow their son or daughter will be seen by a college coach who is really not paying attention to them at all.

At many of these camps and tournaments, event organizers make promises that college coaches will be in attendance when oftentimes, college coaches are there, from my observation, because it’s the summer season for evaluation and observation and whatever else they do.

The college coaches are really not paying attention because they’re not interested in recruiting your son or daughter.

Only the small college programs who have an even smaller budget will attend these events in the hopes of recruiting student athletes who are only interested in playing division one athletics.

Every student athlete goes to camp with the belief that they will be seen by college coaches.

Just about every parent who reaches down into their pockets to pay for these camps, also have the strong belief that college coaches will somehow notice their son or daughter.

Crazy as this may sound, before camp even starts these college programs already know who they want to recruit and who they’re interested in.

College programs don’t have a list of 500 players that they’re going to recruit. It’s almost impossible for college coaches to see that many players play and make a determination on who exactly they want to recruit.

In many situations, college programs will have a much smaller targeted list of student athletes they’re interested in.

High School Student Athletes: Stop Being Ignored By College Coaches

How can a high school student athlete improve their exposure chances with college coaches?

  1. Handwritten Letter: The handwritten letter approach is a great strategy to reach college coaches because it gives a personal touch.

Why not, on a sheet of notebook paper, write to a college coach your desires to play for him or her.

I believe the handwritten letter approach is powerful because it’s personal, from you addressing the envelope to the words you write in your own handwriting.

Keep your handwritten letter to one page, front side only of the notebook paper.

Your goal is to get right to the point, be brief, and provide information.

Think about this for a moment; if a college coach was seriously interested in recruiting you, they would normally take the time to write a handwritten note.

E-mail is still a powerful tool, but you want to build relationships with college programs.

Everyone is sending e-mails to college coaches and sometimes these coaches do not respond right away.

By crafting a handwritten letter to a college coach who you wish to play for could dramatically increase your chances of receiving a follow-up letter from that college coach requesting additional information from you.

  1. A Great Video. It is so easy to record video and I think student athletes should be able to produce a lot of video.

Nowadays, you can record video on your cell phone.

The quality is outstanding on some of these phones.

You can upload your videos to YouTube and that information then can be forwarded to a college coach.

I believe the more video a student athlete has that can be sent to a college coach, the more it will dramatically increase the chances of getting recruited a lot faster.

College coaches really love a lot of video on student athletes.

Your goal is to make it easier for them to recruit you and your providing video makes it easier for a college coach to not have to travel at their expense to see you play in person.

Sending a video to a college coach is very easy these days.

Once a video is uploaded you have a link which can be provided in an e-mail to a college program.

The college coach will click on your video link and if they are impressed with what they see athletically, chances are the recruiting process could start in a positive way quickly.

In the body of the e-mail sent to a college coach, student athletes or their parents should provide additional information.

The information could be contact information: phone numbers, home address, academic information and probably the best time the student athlete is available for phone conversation.

If you include your home address chances are you may start receiving letters from that coach.

Be smart and be brief.

Don’t send too much information to a college coach, they don’t want to read your life story in an e-mail.

Take advantage of video because this could be the key to getting your foot in the front door of the recruiting process with college coaches.

There’s a lot of video on YouTube where the student athlete and the parents have gone to great expense to get it edited in such a way where it has music and scrolling credits and the makings of a Hollywood feature film.

College coaches are not interested in the kind of music you have playing in the background.

They’re more than likely going to turn the sound off anyway.

I’m going to provide some examples of some basic video ideas that will work just as well if you were to spend hundreds of dollars getting it professionally edited.

Be sure to identify who you are in the video by your jersey color, your jersey number.

High School Student Athletes: Stop Being Ignored By College Coaches

  1. Website Or Blog. Student athletes can create their own recruiting blog or website for free.

A great place to start is

Within a matter of minutes, depending on how technically savvy you are, you can have your very own free website or blog set up in a matter of moments.

I’m providing you a link to so you can see for yourself the possibilities of setting up your own recruiting website.

This is one of the best ways for student athletes to create their own college recruiting website with information that can be e-mailed to college coaches.

It is so easy to send a link of your written content to a college program that has a video or any other information you want to provide.

Instead of using one of those over-priced, inexperienced college recruiting services, you could do your own recruiting.

Final Thoughts

Getting recruited for college is extremely challenging and very competitive.

The recruiting process requires a strategy that could take a long time to complete.

Student athletes and their parents should never sit back and wait for college coaches to contact them because they may never reach out to you, mainly because they don’t know you.

Nobody wants to be ignored.

Using some of the strategies I’ve talked about in this blog post should help you gain the attention of college coaches.

Now keep in mind, every student athlete is different, every situation is different, but if you’re patient and you are consistent with using the strategies you could gain the attention of a significant number college programs.

Remember the college recruiting process is a marathon not a sprint!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post! I’d like to hear your opinion on this very topic, so please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below. 

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