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Byron Dowdell II

6’1 170 lbs. Austin High School. Class 2016 GPA. 3.67  SAT. 1560

Positions: Primary: Center Field, Right Field, Left Field and 1st Base


Byron is a solid contact hitter with power to all fields. Byron makes contact and limits bad at bats.

Byron is an excellent fielder that gets good breaks on balls.Byron is coachable and has an excellent work ethic.

Byron is an extremely intelligent young man who uses this gift to excel in his academic studies. He is a perfectionist who strives to do the very best in all areas of his life. He has a great work ethic that has helped him maintain an A/B average in all his classes during his time at Austin High School.



He is one of the top students in his class and represented his school through participating in various clubs and activities. Byron is a persistent, determined, and motivated student who is totally committed to learning, achieving, and bettering himself in every way. I could always count on Byron to push himself as well as his teammates in every drill in every practice.

I truly believe that Byron’s drive for success is one of the key factors that led to our team’s success during his high school career. It is individuals like Byron who lead by example, and that constantly set the highest standard of work ethic, that pave the way for success within a program.

Byron, unlike many dedicated students who are often one-dimensional, is a well-rounded young man. He participated in different school activities & clubs here at Austin High School. Byron is hard-working, loyal, and has a positive attitude that is hard to match.

He was the type of student and athlete who is responsible, caring and willing to go the extra mile to accomplish a goal. In short, he is a young man that his peers see as a role model, although his natural modesty would not allow him to admit this. I find this refreshing, however, since he is so accomplished in many areas.

This is probably the reason why other students and the faculty always found him so appealing. He is, by all definitions, a gifted young man. Students of this type, should be encouraged, nurtured and provided with every opportunity to learn. Byron has been a strong leader in his community as well as at school. He leads by example and is an inspiration to all of his fellow classmates. It is with pleasure and confidence that I recommend him for this opportunity.

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