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High School Athletics Will Be Obsolete In 10 Years

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Everything changes, nothing ever stays the same. We went from black and white TV to color TV and that was an amazing change.

The typewriter is extinct. The computer is the ultimate power now along with cell phones and many other modern technologies.  

The way high school sports is operated these days will completely change, whether you like it or not.

With the explosion of club sports, high school student athletes are involved in more games and receiving more exposure in front of college coaches than ever before at any time in the history of high school sports.

It used to be that to get recruited for college you have to play high school sports to be seen and exposed to college coaches. Those days are long gone just like the old black-and-white TV.

It is club sports and travel teams that are changing the landscape of high school sports.

It is exclusive and privileged and it comes with perks. These are the benefits and values of travel teams and club team sports.  

At the high school level, they’re traveling to games on a yellow school bus. At the club level, they’re traveling to tournaments on airplanes and chartered buses with fresh uniforms and equipment.

Recruiting has played a huge role in the advancement of club sports.

College coaches can go to one tournament and see a large number of players play.

It’s not cost-effective to go to a single high school game hoping to maybe see one player.

High School Athletics Will Be Obsolete In 10 Years

Student athletes are now hiring personal trainers and coaches to work with them to develop their talents, something that is new and wasn’t readily available 30 years ago.

I believe you’re going to see more high school athletes forgo their high school season to focus exclusively on their club season.

They’re also going to forego their high school season so they can focus more on academics to develop their athletic skills to compete at the college level.

Where does the real value lie?  During the high school season the statistics are kept; the wins and losses are recorded.

The goal is to win a conference championship or a state championship or advance in the playoffs. Does those accomplishments still rank high in value?

I’m not so sure if it even matters to have great regular season statistics. A lot of video  carries more weight in the eyes of college coaches.

High school sporting events were a way to bring the community together, along with bringing together the high school student body to support the school.  

I don’t know if that is so important nowadays if the ultimate goal is to develop your athletic ability, strengthen your academic test scores, and play as many games as possible in front of as many college coaches as necessary.

I think all high school sports could face extinction because of the evolution of club sports, travel teams, specialized tournaments, and camps.

Personal trainers are going to play a huge role in the development of student athletes.

You kind of see it now with Olympic athletes who take years off from school or their normal day job to focus on being an Olympic athlete.

I see the same thing happening with high school sports; the focus will be more on the summer than the regular season.

It’s just the evolution of high school sports. Nothing ever stays the same; things always change and I see change coming in a big way to high school sports.

You may not like it, you may not agree with it, you may not be ready to wrap your head around it but change is coming. Change has always come to sports and I don’t see high school sports being exempt from these potential changes that are bound to happen.

What are your thoughts about the possible extinction of high school sports in favor of more club sports? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

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