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I’ve been running Woods Recruiting since 1989 and I’ve been in a position where I’ve spoken to thousands of parents of high school student athletes.
Many parents are skeptical about using a recruiting service and, therefore they hesitate wasting valuable time. We try to eliminate the fear and hesitation many parents have about recruiting.

I can explain all day long how the recruiting process works and what our recruiting service can do for you.

This process can be explained through blog posts, podcasts, and videos along with phone conversations or Skype conversations one on one with parents of student athletes, but parents still have reservations mainly because they don’t understand how the process works.

college recruiting processHesitation By Parents On Recruiting

  1. You’re signing up with Woods Recruiting because of the incredible value we can bring to your student athlete.
  1. The fears you have of the recruiting process are understandable. Working with Woods Recruiting will help eliminate those fears and anxieties.
  1. You’re hesitating on using Woods Recruiting because you don’t want to make a mistake and throw away valuable dollars.
  1. Woods Recruiting is not a fly-by-night organization.
  1. As a matter of fact, all of our recruiting directors have gone through an Intensive Training program that lasts anywhere from 4 to 5 weeks.
  1. The Intensive Training program our recruiting directors go through is not easy.
  1. We value student athletes tremendously.
  1. We value the parents of student athletes at Woods Recruiting.
  1. Put your trust in Woods Recruiting! We will not let you down.

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