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Why You Should Go With Woods RecruitingWoods Recruiting has been around since 1989. We have a consistent track record of helping student athletes get recruited and placed in college.

The founder of the company, Al Woods, has developed a strategy of networking with college programs to ensure there is a place for every high school student athlete that plays a sport.

Woods Recruiting has helped thousands of high school student athletes get the exposure needed to gain the attention of college coaches and ultimately get placed in college.

Why You Should Go With Woods Recruiting

Thousands of high school student athletes from all sports have been a part of Woods Recruiting.

Thousands of college coaches have also networked with Woods Recruiting all in an effort to find the best available talent for their athletic programs.

College coaches may not say publicly or privately that they reach out to recruiting services for information on student athletes.

The main reason you should go with Woods Recruiting is a large network of college programs.

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