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Go Where You’re Wanted!

Go Where You’re Wanted!

Go Where You’re Wanted!¬†

Say Yes To Woods Recruiting

Have you ever mistakenly tried to fit your mailbox key into the front door of your house? It wouldn’t fit, right? You quickly realize the mistake and feel embarrassment and awkward.

Student-athletes are trying to fit their own keys into college programs that are not recruiting them.

The same student-athletes are desperately seeking the attention of major college programs, but unfortunately those coaches are not interested or not showing the love.

Student-athletes, along with their nervous parents, keep a written list of college programs who have reached out to them. One side of the paper may list all the division one programs.

That page is probably empty. On the other side¬† of the paper, there’s probably multiple lower-level divisional programs who have consistently reached out with great intensity and anticipation.

The point I’m trying to make is to go where they want you.

Some of these college programs may attempt to roll out the red carpet to impress you so much that you will happily sign their National Letter-of-Intent.

Go somewhere where you can be a major contributor to that program, the star player, the key component, or ingredient.

Don’t go to a program because it’s a big-time college program with bright lights and you never see the battlefield of play.

Recruiting is a constant tug of war.

Student-athletes are desperately trying to get their name out to college coaches, seeking their attention, looking for the appreciation, the recognition, and the love.

On the flip side, college coaches are doing their due diligence by looking for the best available talent. If they’re not looking at you, stop looking at them.

Don’t force it! If it’s lukewarm interest and they offer you a walk-on opportunity, it’s more like a punch in the face than a real scholarship that may never come.

The college coach may politely tell you they’ll keep an eye on you which is just code for ‘we are not going to recruit you’.

Go where you’re wanted. Go where they’re recruiting you.

They’re at your games, they’re desperately seeking your attention, so go ahead and take the next step and show them love back. Remember, go where they want you.

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