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Gladston Lily  RB-OLB  5’9”  167 lbs.  Class of 2018 GPA 2.75

Chesapeake High School in Essex, Maryland

Recruiting Intangibles:

  1. Toughness
  2. Strength
  3. Dedication
  4. Responsible
  5. Fearless

40 time: 4.6

Broad Jump: 8.6

Pro Agility: 4.5

Final Thoughts:

What more can you say about a young man that brings it every day?  Well there is more. Gladston wants to succeed and understands that one has to make sacrifices on the path to greatness.

Coming to you is the next big thing in a dynamic package.  Who believes that Gladston Lily can be the spark that a college program needs? Gladston does!  This young man does not lack confidence and is a very grounded young man.

He not only conquers on the field, but in the classroom as well.  Gladston does not just go the extra yard, he moves the chains. Whether he is approaching the goal line or stopping his opponent from reaching it, his main goal is to bring respect to his family, team, coach, and school.  Now that’s the dedication that is needed to be successful.

Gladston Lily is no stranger to hard work and he is ready to show this at the next level. Gladston believes that he can be successful in college and is ready to write the next chapter in his athletic history.

Athletic Description:

Gladston has a keen eye for the ball on defense and the gaps on offense.  When you see this young man step up in the hole to make a tackle, you will see his technique. It is his technique that allows him to take down players that are bigger than him.  He is fearless because he does not back down and if a play is to be made, he will make it.  He has good lateral movement and cover ability.

Gladston shows serious toughness as a running back.  He does not shy away from contact as he meets tacklers head on. He has the ability to see the cutback and accelerate in the opposite direction.  

Gladston’s strength is his deceptive quietness.  This is his way of focusing on the task at hand. He is still growing intellectually and adapts well to changing game situations.

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